The NFL Lockout is Over: What it Means to This Chargers Fan

By Ernie Padaon

I think I just wet myself! ITS OVER!!!! CELEBRATION TIME!!

I am stupid excited that this thing is over and we can get back to some “real” football stories. I don’t have to see Philip Rivers throwing to a friar, Antonio Gates wedding pics, or rookies playing Madden to learn the playbook!

OK! I still like seeing stupid stories like that, but at least we will all be able to see how this roster shapes out. We can see if AJ will go after one of those middle linebackers (Morrison, Spikes, Barnett) or even bring in a veteran wide receiver (Steve Smith).

My office will be filled with football talk instead of the awkward silence that we have had lately, except for the one Boston Red Sox fan that keeps thanking us for Adrian Gonzalez. The buzz around the office will start looking toward some fantasy football and then we will talk about who looked like a fool on draft day. Not just foolish because of who they picked in the draft, but foolish because they had a little too much to drink and drafted a kicker in the 4th round.

It means that I will have that friend texting me at 8 in the morning on Sundays asking me fantasy lineup questions for his team. I then wake up and respond saying those options SUCK.

It means that Sunday and Monday Nights became a lot more exciting! It means that I will be having a few more Guinesses and Fat Tires in my diet.

If I have tix, I will meet you out for some tailgating shenanigans. Otherwise, we will meet up at the local dive to cheer on our Bolts together! This is our year!

So Bolts fans, ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!?!?!?!?! What does the end of the lockout mean to you?