If You Were Hiding Under a Rock… Steve Smith Wants To Be A Charger

By Ernie Padaon

I don’t know why this is a story that is popping up again, but it people are writing about it again. Maybe it is because the lockout is getting closer to its death and people are starting to bring back old stories as a reminder of what was happening before the lockout started.

So, here is a reminder, Steve Smith wants out of Carolina and his teams of choice are the Ravens or the Chargers. The Charlotte Observer brought up the topic again in an article yesterday and other articles soon followed.

As I previously wrote, Smitty would look great in a Bolt uniform and I may wet my pants thinking of an offense of VJ, M80 and Smitty. The Greatest Show on Surf offense has not been put together (YET, I hope), but we should be able to see what AJ has up his sleeves with this lockout coming to a close SOON!

Here is the article of Smitty from back in April: Steve Smith Wants To Be A Bolt