Checking in on Chargers Rookie Tailback Jordan Todman

By Ernie Padaon

Here are some comments from rookie running back Jordan Todman, courtesy of Desmond Conner the beat writer for UCONN football:

Had a chance to meet Philip Rivers, catch some balls and just try to learn the system. I came home (Mass.) and have a personal trainer and have been working out here. I’ll be going back to San Diego around the 22nd (July)

Football shape is totally different when you get tackled, get back up and go play. I haven’t done that in a while, since the game against Oklahoma so…only thing I can do is run outside and try to get in shape but can’t get in football shape until you get to camp. We’ll see how far I am then.

Interesting that he will be back in San Diego around the 22nd since the target date for the lockout to be done is on July 21.

The rooks will be on an accelerated schedule once this whole lockout is done and hopefully they will be prepared for NFL action.

Here are some highlights on Todman: