Anonymous Chargers Opponent: “They Don’t Have Ability To Put You Away”

By Ernie Padaon

Was reading through the latest Sporting News article, and this quote stood out:

“It’s always been the knock on them. They don’t have the ability to put you away. They can get up on you, they can run away from you, but where is the killer instinct? I watched them in the playoffs (after the 2009 season), and I saw sort of the same team when we played them (in ’10) — mistakes. I don’t know where that comes from. I want to question (coach) Norv Turner, but I know we teach our guys the same thing over and over, and they had a lot of new guys in and out.”

First off, if you are going to make quotes, why do you have to be anonymous?

Anyway, what do you all think about this? Do our Bolts have the ability to put teams away or are we the team that lets teams just hang in there and take it at the end?

If we go back to that New York Jets playoff game (I hate thinking about this game), it definitely showed a lack of a killer instinct on our part. We could not put the Jets away and let them hang in there the whole game and they eventually stepped up and took it away from us. We settled for field goals and could not make the knockout punch.

Were we missing that killer instinct last season? It’s hard to tell since we were trying to fix the problems on special teams for most of the season. We had to battle just to get back into the game, but there were occasions at the end of games in which we just could not get the job done.

The team needs to be able to bring out that knockout punch if want want to go deep through the playoffs. We need to be able to score touchdowns instead of settling for field goals (that we might miss). We have to get that killer instinct!

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