LA Chargers News

2011 ESPY Awards

By Ernie Padaon

Unfortunately our Bolts are not up for any awards for the ESPY’s this year… SORTA. Leon Washington is up for the Castrol Edge NFL Strongest Performance Award for his display against our special teams in Seattle. Everybody put a hurt on our special teams last year, but Washington’s performance stood out. He brought 2 kickoff returns back for TDs, one covered 101 yards and the other covered 99 yards.

Here is a video put together by charliemac64 of those kick returns (I didn’t know that House was Seattle Seahawks fan! ):

Unfortunately, that is our only exposure to the ESPYs we have this year.

On another ESPY note, Justin Timberlake was asked to present the inaugural Capital OneCup and he decided to try his hand (and other body parts) at a variety of college sports. The video is hilarious and I just wanted to share it with you all. I am pretty sure that JT is a better comedian than singer.