What If There Is NO Franchise Tag For the Chargers to Use?

By Ernie Padaon

I have been running with the assumption that there will be a franchise tag for the Bolts to use.. BUT WHAT IF THERE ISN’T!? I just ran into an article from Pro Football Talk that is mentioning that the players (Brees and Manning) are pushing to be exempt from the franchise tag.

This could be a HUGE turnaround for the Bolt offense. With a franchise tag, we would slap it on Vincent Jackson and we would have him as our number 1 receiver for one more season. He is teamed up with Antonio Gates and Philip Rivers to form one of the best offensive attacks in the league.

Without the franchise tag, VJ will probably move onto another team that cares about his talents and we are left in the dust! We would have to make a hard push to bring back Malcom Floyd in free agency and the Steve Smith rumblings will become even more enticing. We would have to find someone that can offer that special ability as a play maker for our offense.

We know what a season without VJ already looks like after he sat out most of last year. It wasn’t bad, since we were leading the lead in offensive numbers without him there.

BUT we also saw the dimension that he added when he was in the offense and it is EXPLOSIVE! The pressure lies on the other guys to make plays when VJ is out of the lineup and Antonio Gates and Philip Rivers has a lot of weight to carry on their shoulders.

Let’s play close attention to see what happens with this franchise tag during this lockout! It could mean a whole different world for our Bolts.