Chargers Larry English is as Well Known as Leo Hamel (WHO?)

By Ernie Padaon

Just ran into this advertisement with our boy Larry English in it. I guess players have to get some advertising dollars while they are locked out. Check it out:

“Everyone in San Diego knows them, kinda like me” – Larry English

Have you heard of Leo Hamel? Awesome, me neither!

Larry, we need you to be known like Sea World or like the San Diego Zoo. Known like Starbucks or like McDonalds. You need to make that kind of an impact for our team.

Right now, Larry’s name is floated around with names like Buster Davis. People are already calling him a bust. This will be a BIG season for the young linebacker to prove his value to the team. He needs to stay healthy and he needs to make an impact.

We drafted a big boy to play the defensive end position in front of him to draw the attention of offensive lineman. We didn’t draft an outside linebacker to take over his position, even though there were plenty available when our second pick came around.

It is his time to make an impact and time to help out Shaun Phillips in making plays in the backfield. Do you think that he will make an impact for the defense this year? Only time will tell!