Discusses Gates/Rivers Discussion

By Ernie Padaon
facebooktwitterreddit had a Gates/Rivers discussion on their instant debate yesterday to discuss which player is more valuable to the Chargers. I wonder if they saw the same topic that we had up and running here the day before? ?

Anyway, the response was unanimous. Philip Rivers has more value to the Bolts, but it is definitely a blessing to have both on the team. Here are some of the highlight notes for each player:


He is a top-five quarterback with everything but the ring to show for it.

Rivers is a fulcrum of an offensive machine with his hands on the ball 50, 60 snaps per game.

  • Gates played in only 10 games, Vincent Jackson missed a majority of the season, and Rivers still challenged Dan Marino‘s single-season passing record before falling off the pace later in the season.
  • At 29, Rivers is arguably the best deep-ball thrower in football, a player capable of lifting the level of his teammates, and one of the most respected leaders in the game.


  • Gates might go down as the greatest tight end ever, better than former Charger Kellen Winslow.
  • Gates is among the most talented tight ends the game has ever seen.

  • Gates is rare and versatile enough to impact all areas of the game. A defense has to decide whether or not to treat him as a tight end or a receiver — which impacts its fronts and personnel — and Gates is a perfect player to bust an eight-man front or keep teams from lining up in them in the first place. He makes play-calling easier for a coach and play-making opportunities for teammates more plentiful in that way
  • The fact that you actually have to think about it for a minute is testament to Gates‘ greatness
  • If you missed it, here is the article: