Chatter from Chargers practice today

By Ernie Padaon

The youngsters are putting in their work in preparation for a season. The internal clocks for these guys to get some football action is ticking and they are ready to get out on the field. Richard Goodman and Ryan Mathews both tweeted about their day out on the practice field.

Check out their tweets:

Felt great to catch passes from Phillip Rivers. He’s either gone hit you in your hands or your eye balls lol #ProBowlerless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet ReplyGoodman in EverywayRGoody954

Got better today with the teammates #winningless than a minute ago via TweetList Pro Favorite Retweet Replyryan mathewsrmathews24

Both guys are working hard and getting after it. Goody is giving lots of props to our boy #17, now if we can only tell Rich that there is only one ‘L’ in Philip. We all get that wrong though! I really hope both guys have learned the importance of ball security by now!

Keep working fellas!