Chargers Philip Rivers runs in his 5K for the Rivers of Hope Foundation

By Ernie Padaon

Philip Rivers held a 5K run this morning at Liberty Station for his Rivers of Hope foundation and he joined in and ran in it with the fans.

Here is the statement from Philip and Tiffany Rivers about the foundation:

We are blessed with five healthy children and are reminded daily how important our family unit is to each of us. Mom and dad, brother and sisters… each fulfilling their role as a member. God’s perfect design for family is demonstrated to us daily.

We also know that there are over 510,000 children in the U.S. foster care system right now; 129,000 of these children are available for adoption today. These unwanted children face long term foster care and years of neglect. Every year, 20% of children exit foster care at age 18 without an adoptive family. Statistically, these 18 year olds have little hope of finding their way out of the welfare ‘system’.

The Rivers of Hope Foundation was formed to give hope. Hope for kids yet born, those ‘stuck’ in the foster care system, and hope for qualified couples waiting to be parents. It is our intention to bring hope, information and other means necessary to bring children into a family unit…. some for the very first time.

I love having this guy on our team and always looking to contribute to the community. Not only is he a great football player, he is a great person! Go Bolts!

Here is a video that Marty Caswell filmed from this morning: