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“I was not involved” – Legedu Naanee

By Ernie Padaon


On Monday afternoon, the Chargers, on behalf of Naanee, released the following statement: “I was not involved in nor did I witness a fight or altercation of any kind Sunday night. Period.”“I don’t know how my name came up in it, but I was there. I didn’t see the fight,” Naanee told 10News on Monday after practice. “I don’t like it at all… for the main fact that I didn’t do it. And then too, that it was kinda put out there without me even being able to say whether I was there.”–

I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe him. Until there is proof otherwise, but what else can i believe. The only proof right now is that he was at the bar that night. There is nothing else that we can go by.

The witnesses said that they saw 3 black males running from the scene and none of the witnesses actually have said they have seen the fight.

Let’s hope that Amir Khan is alright though. He was brought to the hospital and was induced into a coma. He was beat really bad!

Chargers players need to understand that when they go out at 2am at the bar, that they are surrounding themselves with a bunch of idiots. Not saying that everyone is an idiot, but SOME people start having that liquid courage and become angry and want to fight EVERYONE. Some people are just looking for trouble.

Then, some incident happens at the bar and everyone remembers one person who was there. “The Chargers football player was there that night!” Just a warning to all our football players that I am sure that they already know this: Nothing good happens at 2 in the morning!

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