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Predictions: Chargers vs Choke-land

By Ernie Padaon


Ernie PadaonIt is December! We have this streak for a reason and it is time to put a stomping around the AFC West!! The Raiders already lost Gradkowski for the season and we will be chasing around Campbell all game. Better get that backup QB ready to get in the game, because Campbell will be running for his life! The Bowling Ball Tolbert will do a few of his end zone dances this weekend and we will put a whooping on the Faiders! Chargers 42 – Faiders 9

Chris GrahamChargers lock down the run and make the faiders throw the ball, Mathews will get a lot of carries along with Tolbert as the Chargers score early and fast with a 45-10 victory! GO BOLTS!Chargers 45 – Raiders 10

Phil LamThe Chargers put together their third straight complete game and dominate from beginning to end.  Raider fans sulk that their season peaked Week 9 when they beat the Chiefs in overtime and take solace in reminding Charger fans that the Chargers have never won a Super Bowl even though the last time the Raiders won the Super Bowl most of thier fans weren’t old enough to read yet.  Wait, what?  Most Raider fans still can’t read?  Oh… well, then. Chargers 38 Raiders 10.

Rudy GonzalezRivers throws for 300yds and two Td’s. Tolbert rushes for 110yrds and a TD. S Phillips gets a sack and Jammer gets a pick. Gates catches a TD pass Chargers win 24-10.


Bernie Thomas‎ 43 Chargers -29 Raiders

Lisa Dean 42 CHAAAAAARRRRRGERS! ~ 24 the other team

Cheryl CollinsChargers 42, Raiders 13

Amanda Marlin34 – 17 ……. Chargers of course ? GO CHARGERS!!!!

Josh Leggett33-17 chargers

Ted PerezChargers 35 – Raiders 17


@SeeMe_Clearly Chargers 28- Choke-land 3!

@Rivers_Salvador Bolts 35 – Choke-land 13

@LorenSCmy prediction……pain

@itsAmBurrWe gonna electrify that a##!!

@Nathan_PerryThey aren’t going to block two punts for scores this game… It will end a lil bit differently