LA Chargers News

Bandwagon Filling Up, Blackout Lifted for Sunday’s Game

By Ernie Padaon


The San Diego Chargers stumbled out the gate to start the season. They had some poor losses and looked sloppy in their play. The fans did not show up to the games and they didn’t buy tickets. The first 2 home games of the season were blacked out for the local fans. In the next 3 games, the Chargers ran all the way up to the blackout deadline before they sold out all the tickets.Now we have 4 straight victories, which include an impressive victory against the Indianapolis Colts, and the fans are starting to pay attention again. This week is Raiders week and the fans are ready to see our boys win a 5th straight game. The game for Sunday afternoon is already sold out and the black out has been lifted.

The bandwagon is starting to fill up again for this team. Find a good spot AND enjoy the ride this season. There are a lot of good things that are happening and this team is still ranked number 1 in offense and defense. The special teams are improving and we may have the NFL MVP calling the signals for us. All the matchups that are left on the schedule are HUGE in terms of our playoff hopes and we need all the fan support and craziness to distract the other teams.