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Another Domino Falls? Los Angeles Chargers

By Ernie Padaon

There still is speculation if this report is true or not… BUT it is being reported by Bob McCown of the Fan 590 that Philip Anschutz “has or will purchase” 35 percent of the Chargers.

If you are aware of any of the Los Angeles stadium building actions, AEG has a proposal to design a $725 million stadium in downtown Los Angeles featuring a retractable roof and 40 field-level suites among its 218 luxury boxes. AEG would not build the stadium without a commitment from an NFL team to move. AEG is an acronym for Anschutz Entertainment Group… as in Philip Anschutz (potential Chargers buyer)!!

AEG already has investments in other sports franchises and venues, co-founding Major League Soccer as well as multiple teams, including the LA Galaxy, Chicago Fire, Houston Dynamo, San Jose Earthquakes, New York / New Jersey Metro Stars, and the Kansas City Wizards. In addition, Anschutz owns stakes in the LA Lakers, LA Kings, and venues including the Staples Center, The O2 Arena (London), and the Home Depot Center.

If the report is true… BYE BYE San Diego!!

If you don’t know my opinion on the matter already than you can check this link out: Los Angeles Chargers.

I will be BITTER!!!! I hate Los Angeles and all the teams that play there and I do not look forward to rooting for a team that plays there. The traffic will be absolutely awful and I never like driving around that area in the first place.

Was there even an effort to make a stadium in San Diego or was this the plan all along? I am sure that the Chargers will try to deny the reports as much as they can tomorrow. They cannot let the current fans think that they are moving to Los Angeles, because that would mean that we would just STOP attending the games and that would mess with their money. As you and I and Vincent Jackson know, $$$$ means the WORLD to these people!!!

Start making your plans now on whether or not you will cheer for these boys when they move to LA… because it just seems like it is going to happen!!!! BEAT LA (saying it while I still can)!!!

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