LA Chargers News

3 Up 3 Down

By Ernie Padaon



Ron Rivera and the DefenseThe defense played HUGE to take this game against the Colts. They pressured Manning into making poor passes all game long and intercepted him 4 times. They forced a fumble and just caused all kinds of problems for the Colt offense. They stopped the run and just dominated the game.

Nate KaedingNate the Great! I am the first person to jump all over him and I will be the first person to give him his props as well. He scored 18 of the Chargers points in connecting on 5 field goals and 3 extra points. Definitely good to see Nate connecting on all his attempts.

Mike TolbertThe Toldozer just keeps plugging away and got his 3rd 100 yard game of the season and found a way into the end zone again. He just continues to produce with Ryan Mathews out and may be looking to take the lead role when Mathews does return.


Vincent Jackson3 plays and out! That is all it took for Vincent Jackson to walk off the field with a “calf injury”.  I am not sure what everyone else thinks of this calf injury, but it seems a little suspicious to me. I would not be surprised to see him sit out a few games before being placed on the IR. JUST SAYING!

Settling for Field GoalsThe 5 field foals were impressive, but  when we bring the ball down the field we need to put 7s on the board and not settle for the 3 pointer. Since we won, it doesn’t hurt at all, but it let Peyton and the boys hang around for a little longer than

MyselfI didn’t catch the game till the second half… and I am having a brain fart on any other down in the game. MAYBE if I caught the whole game I could have given you a better down than this! Probably not since we dominated in this victory. Let the bandwagoners jump on board now and hopefully sell out our next game against the Raiders.

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