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Shawne Merriman: Lights Out Decaf?

By Mike Emmons

"Lights Out - Decaf" Makes you hug bunnies!

A  fan and follower on Shawne Merriman’s Twitter pointed out an interesting new coffee at a local coffee shop, I’m guessing in San Diego.

The Coffee is called ” Lights Out” but is a decaffeinated coffee. To me, that would be like Merriman crushing a QB and then sprinting to the sideline to hug and kiss a bunny rabbit.

“Lights Out” decaf is sort of an oxy-moron if you will. Now,  I’m a coffee enthusiast and I’d bet that if I were to take a sip of this coffee I’m sure it’s flavor would create a vivid image of Shawne Merriman running through a field of  daisies holding a bloody football screaming, “I love my beautiful life!” in my head.

Just me?

Anyway, If some lucky person gets to personally taste this new coffee on their pallet please let me know if its good and if I’m spot on with how I perceive its “Lights Out – Decaf” effect.

Maybe instead of cream you could add Verve?

View the exciting new find HERE