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The sharpest tool in the tool box

By Mike Emmons

Philip Rivers no longer sits at the kids table of the NFL. He has rightfully earned his spot as one of the NFL’s elite QB’s. Rivers has built toughness about him. He’s developed a swagger and has single handedly pulled his team up from the depths of the AFC time and time again.

During the 2008 season Rivers Threw for 4,009 yards and 34 touchdowns with only 11 interceptions. Drew Brees is the only quarterback among the elite to throw as many touchdowns, but with 7 more interceptions.

Rivers is ranked the 5th overall QB in the preseason according to CBS Sports. I think he deserves a little bit higher due to the fact that Rivers pulled a lifeless 8-8 Chargers out of the trenches last season to win the AFC west against a red hot Denver Broncos. In the post season Rivers led the Chargers past Peyton’s Colts 23-17 only to lose to the super bowl champs, the Steelers, by a little less than 2 scores in Pittsburg.

Not to freakin’ shabby!

Philip Rivers is underrated. He has continued to show us his strength and persistence throughout the past couple seasons. He’s proved to his team that he is capable in leading them to more W’s and AFC Championships, even when his players continue to struggle with injuries.

LT hurt?

No problem. It doesn’t matter anymore because this is Rivers team now and this season he has even more to prove. There may be doubters and even fans who find it hard to believe that the Chargers will come alive this season without playing catch up and make it all the way. I am not one of those doubters. The Chargers making it past the AFC Championship this season is anything less than an accomplishment for Rivers and the Chargers and Rivers knows it.

The pressure is on and Rivers is no stranger to it.

It’s gonna be one hell of an exciting 09-10 season!

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