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Rivers vs The High School Kid

By Mike Emmons

And the winner is… The high school kid, schooling Phillip Rivers!

“I didn’t know it would be such a big hit,” Rivers laughed. “It was a lot of fun.”

Though Rivers was beat he is still smiling. The “Iron Sharpens Iron QB and Offensive Skills Camp” took place this week and a little guy, Will Nunn from Huntsville, Alabama won it all. Rivers had nothing but good and encouraging words for Nunn but claimed for two days he had told the kids at the camp that the worst throw you can make to a receiver is at their ankles. Yet, he felt guilty because the tires the kids were throwing at during the challenge were placed very low to the ground.

“The tires were about has high as my (one-year old son).” “I’m used to throwing to big targets. Besides, how bad would it have looked if I won the QB challenge at my own camp against a local high school kid?”

Rivers little brother Steven was at the camp along with 120 younger QB’s. The camp was run by Huntsville’s D1 Sports training, of which Rivers is co-owner of. “The kids did a great job!” said Rivers. “These kids competed well. You throw in a little fundamentals, challenges, and some games.”

Rivers, who is vacationing at the beach with his family after his camp, is fired up and ready for the upcoming season. The Quarterbacks will be joining select vets, along with the rookies for training on July 27th.

“It’s getting close,” said Rivers. The quarterbacks are probably more fired up than anyone. We don’t get hurt. We work and get after it but certainly we have a fun deal. I can’t wait to throw the first pass. When you get to this time of year, there’s a little more football on the news and you start to sense that it’s just around the corner.”