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Ol’ Man Tomlinson…

By Mike Emmons

At the age of 30, will LT be able to keep up?

LaDainian Tomlinson just turned 30 years old not too long ago and he’s already getting the “over the hill” treatment, but is he ready to kick the bucket? Is he ready to hang up the number 21 jersey he’s run hundreds of hard earned yards in? Can he still keep his membership in the 10 touchdowns a season yacht club? Is there a 10 touchdowns a season yacht club? There should be, because I say, “NAY!” LT is goin’ nowhere and hangin’ up no jersey!

“That’s the one thing that I’m eager to prove, is that doesn’t necessarily go for every player. Turn 30, that doesn’t mean that you can’t play anymore,” Tomlinson said. “There are some guys out there that defy the odds, and I’m eager to prove that.”

LT for several seasons has been unstoppable. He’s been the fantasy football favorite. He convinced more fans to wear the number 21 with a bolt more than any other Charger during his reign.

In this decade alone LT has rushed 11,760 yards. That’s nuts! That’s more than 1,192 yards than any other player this decade. LT, out of his first eight seasons has rushed at least 1,000 yards a season, not to mention the 10 touchdowns a season! Talk about consistency!

There are no signs of LT slowing down either. Sure he got injured toward the end of the past couple seasons, but when healthy, the guy is untouchable. The guy is well, a friggin’ lightning bolt! It’s almost as if defenders are scared to tackle him because they might get electrocuted. Well, they might!

I’ve read countless article after article about how LT will perform this season and asking if he’s too old to play anymore. I’ve read several headlines asking what we can expect from LT and I’ve decided to officially answer that question!

LT says he'll prove critics wrong.

“We can expect the good, ol’ fashioned LT.”

Tomlinson has said over and over in interviews that his strength and energy are at an all time high and I believe it! LT is back and in full force. Prepare to be stunned… Again!