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Remembering Steve McNair


Various news outlets have confirmed that former NFL quarterback Steve McNair was found dead today.

First and foremost, condolences go out to his friends and family.

McNair was a damn fine quarterback. Selected to the Pro Bowl three times. Five playoff appearances with two teams. All-Pro. NFL Most Valuable Player.

I don’t think anyone will forget the near comeback he orchestrated against the Rams in the final ticks of Super Bowl XXXIV. In one of, if not the best Super Bowl to date, McNair charged down the field and hit Kevin Dyson with a laser who was wrapped up by the Rams’ Mike Jones on the 1 yard line.

The playoffs in the ’99-’00 season were nuts. The Titans pulled off the Music City Miracle in the Wild Card round against the Bills, the biggest jaw-dropping, controversial, kick in the shorts play since the Immaculate Reception.

McNair was a gamer. He played with heart. Beaten and bruised, but never gave up. Old school field general and a great all around football player.