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Bring In Knowshon Moreno


Mocks over at Sporting News and SI have the Bolts selecting the running back out of Georgia, one Knowshon Moreno. would like to announce its official endorsement of this choice. Thank you for the applause.

Knowshon Moreno

Moreno has met with the Chargers, no doubt the impression has been made. Will he be called by San Diego at #16? If he’s still on the board, I think it’s a no-brainer.

If the Chargers go running back at all, surely Beanie Wells comes to mind. That’s fine. But I see a team biting on him too early. Both running backs will come at a bargain due to the extremely impressive offensive linemen class this year.

All the scheming and plotting from the blogosphere is fun, but there is still LaDainian Tomlinson to consider. With a career implosion from Mike Vick and a record-setting MVP year, the trade-up for the Chargers in the 2001 draft is now brilliant. Depending who you ask, the wheels might be falling off L.T. and it could be time to let him go. The shelf life of a running back is getting shorter and shorter. A few less than stellar seasons gave cause for concern and rise to Darren Sproles.

While Sproles is good, he’s not the heir apparent to Tomlinson. Enter Knowshown. It’s a smart and safe move with little risk. I don’t see Moreno going past #16, so it could be advantageous for the Bolts to trade down if all else fails.

Regardless of how it goes down, don’t be surprised to see yet another powder blue draft day surprise.