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Radio Hate For LT


San Diego sports fans without satellite radio or internet equipped phones might sparsely tune into XX Sports Radio for their sporting news.  Fans of terrible afternoon radio shows on Double-X exclusively listen to the “Bleacher Bums” program.

A few weeks ago co-host Jordan Smith went off on a LT rant, which is becoming mandatory in local media, and things got a little silly.

AwfulAnnouncing reported that after getting into a diatribe about LT’s Thanksgiving charity tradition of giving turkeys to the turkey-less, Mr. Smith suggested that LT “shove the turkey’s up his ass.”

Believe it or not, Jordan Smith was dismissed from his post. The San Diego Union-Tribune shared this:

Jordan Smith, half of the controversial afternoon show on XX Sports Radio, has been fired for making “some very unfortunate and hurtful comments utilizing unacceptable language,” the station said yesterday.

Hal Brown, vice president of programming at BCA Radio, which operates the all-sports station, made the announcement live on the radio. Brown also said he would be taking Smith’s place on the “Bleacher Bums” show alongside Irwin Earl Milan, who worked with Smith, and a new addition, Ted Mendenhall, who has worked mostly behind the scenes at XX Sports.

In a rant critical of LaDainian Tomlinson last week, Smith used vulgar language to describe what the Chargers running back should do with the Thanksgiving turkeys he gives away each year to needy families. He used the same term to say what Tomlinson should do with his community service.

Of all the things to jump on LT about, this guy is going to dump on his charity work? That’s the one thing you can’t rag on. Do some show prep or lay off on the Red Bull during the commercial breaks on your next gig, Jordan.

Meanwhile, the Bleacher Bums show will go on… sadly.