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Cutler Cries His Way Out Of Denver


Several media outlets are reporting that Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler will be traded out of Denver.

From Yahoo! Sports:

Broncos owner Pat Bowlen said that the team came to the decision after both he and head coach Josh McDaniels tried unsuccessfully to reach Cutler.

“Numerous attempts to contact Jay Cutler in the last 10 days, both by head coach Josh McDaniels and myself, have been unsuccessful,” Bowlen said. “A conversation with his agent earlier [Tuesday] clearly communicated and confirmed to us that Jay no longer has any desire to play for the Denver Broncos. We will begin discussions with other teams in an effort to accommodate his request to be traded.”

It goes without saying that Jay Cutler will be out of the AFC West, which is only good news for the Chargers.

New head coach Josh McDaniels and Cutler are both equally idiotic in this situation and the team is going to suffer because of it. The Broncos will not be better without Jay Cutler.

Listening to Mad Dog Radio on XM today, Andy Gresh was tossing out scenarios for a then possible trade for Cutler. One was the Buffalo Bills sending Trent Edwards and a #1 draft pick to Denver for Cutler. Might make sense.

Nevertheless, there is a short list of teams where Cutler could land. If not Buffalo, I’d imagine he ends up with the Jets or Browns. Either way, don’t care that much.

It’s just nice to say, so long Jay.