No Room For Parker?

By Staff

The San Diego Union-Tribune is reporting that wide out Eric Parker will be traded or given an outright release by training camp.


Sure, Parker missed all of last season. Yes, the Bolts have Chris Chambers now. I know, Mark Jones was signed. Nevertheless, this team has been thin and wide receiver for a while. Chambers and a healthy Parker would be a formidable one-two punch. Plus, Parker has been the guy in San Diego for a while now.

While the team is totally covered in the punt return game with Darren Sproles, amongst others, I don’t see how grooming a new batch of receivers is better than hanging on to a proven performer.

There is a lot of young talent on the team and someone should step into the number two role. I just can’t see any of them burning a corner while Chambers is inevitably double teamed on most plays.

The underneath threat is still there with Gates and L.T., which is huge, but if one of those threats is neutralized the passing game could collapse.

I haven’t heard anything about A.J. Smith looking for a receiver on the open market, not that there are many viable options out there.

The Chargers will continue to be a run first offense, same as last year, still without Parker. The season turned out fine without him. So at the very least we should expect more of the same? We’ll see.