Cromartie Ball In Honolulu

By Staff

Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie had a damn good year. In case anyone missed his remarkable exploits, he kept on rolling into the Pro Bowl.

The AFC might have gone down to the NFC 42-30, but Cromartie did his thing- grabbing two deflected balls, returning one for 56 yards.

It was his first time in the Pro Bowl but it seemed like any given Sunday for Cromartie, who also led the league in interceptions this season.

There is nothing but potential for this guy. Young, flies around the field and gets the position.

There is always a degree of luck when a ball is deflected, tipped, tapped or slapped into your hands, it still takes skill to put yourself in a playmaking situation on the field.

A shutdown corner in this league is precious. The ability to subdue a number one receiver is prime.

Turnovers are probably the most important things in a game. And when you have a guy that can snag balls out of the air like Cromartie does, you’re never out of the game.