You Stay Classy, Philip Rivers

By Staff

There seems to be much ado surrounding the verbal shenanigans of Philip Rivers. Earlier in the season I felt the foibles showed character. After the Colts game last weekend I hope he doesn’t become too much of a character.

While on the sideline nursing an injury, Rivers unnecessarily jawed with Colts fans. I am willing to accept that while on the road players could hear some of the rudest, most vile insults ever hurled. Regardless of what’s said from the stands, ultimately, you have to let it go. Even the most able minded person reaches a boiling point and out of anger or frustration they retaliate, completely understandable. Problem is this isn’t the first time Rivers has been caught on camera talking the talk.

There is also a time and place, certain situations where you might get the benefit of the doubt for dubious actions and/or comments. If you’re lingering on the sideline, watching your understudy drop jaws with every big play, then talking mess is far from commendable and totally unearned.

Moreover, you don’t want to be ‘that guy’ on the field. Once you give the press any reason to focus that beady, unforgiving little spotlight right on your back it shifts focus from the team.

Rivers is downplaying the situation, yet it’s still lingering in watered down to trumped up versions across the ‘net. For better or worse, he has to know that perception is reality. Reality is saying that his stock isn’t rising in the hearts and minds of armchair quarterbacks across the nation. Patriots fans are eating this up and certainly the team doesn’t need any added incentive to bring their best on Sunday.

This time Rivers needs to prove it with play and nothing else.

And being the flipside to golden boy Tom Brady’s coin in the field of public opinion is a role that Rivers could find some solace in while that spotlight follows him into Foxborough.