Questionable. Probable. Unstoppable?

By Staff

It’s a fancy problem, finding yourself as third wheel while out on a date with destiny. Yes, the Chargers are actually daring to challenge the perfect Patriots and their increasingly apparent pre-determined Super Bowl win this season.  

A few inane goof-faw’s were uttered this week by the Los Angeles Times‘ resident Chargers hater, T.J. Simers. The miasmatic blowhard mused that “The Chargers just ruined a great game” with their upset win last Sunday. How dare they dispatch the so-called only team worthy of being the final speed bump in the path of Patriots greatness? The Colts were the only team supposed to legitimately test the leagues unbeaten darlings, right?

Didn’t the Chargers beat the Colts twice this season? Sure, their first meeting could be regarded as an aberration. Their last meeting, well, that was something else.  

As far as sensationalized, professional agitators go, Simers really upped his game by boasting: “This NFL season is all about New England and its quest to become the best team the NFL has ever produced. And to make history, it’d be nice if the Patriots had a challenge.” Damn the other 31 franchises and their delusions of grandeur.


What Simers and his ilk fail to recall as their heads are firmly lodged up the backside of the Patriots bandwagon is the perennial football adage: Any Given Sunday

Looking back to Super Bowl XXXVI, who did they Patriots think they were in taking on the heavily favored St. Louis Rams? How can this lowly drafted guy named Brady who stole Drew Bledsoe’s job dare to try and spoil the Greatest Show On Turf?  It goes without saying that this Patriots team is held in higher regard than that highflying Rams team, it still proves the best team is and always shall be the last one standing.  

While it’s true the Chargers are limping into Foxborough as the unwanted foe, questioning their worthiness is wholly ignorant. Have a problem? Call the Colts. 

Meanwhile, Phillip Rivers is day-to-day with a sprained knee and LaDainian Tomlinson is only faring slightly better (look for an injury update as the week goes on.) San Diego has an unenviable task before them. Playmakers are questionable, without them defeat is probable and therefore the Patriots look unstoppable.  

It’s a shame the Chargers no nothing of upsets. Especially when it comes to the Patriots. Oh wait…