Are the Chargers still in the playoffs? In the league?

By Staff

Ah, the musings from the brain trust that is Jim Nantz and Phil Simms.

As the Jaguars-Patriots game was in garbage time, the CBS broadcasters calling the game queried, and I am only slightly paraphrasing here: “are the Chargers still in the playoffs… are they still in the league?

I totally believe the brevity of the comment was made in jest. Nevertheless, it was an asinine comment as I would expect from this un-dynamic duo.

Sure Jimmy and Philly, the Chargers folded like the New York Titans and apologize for getting in the way of your verbal servicing of the ratings monster that is the New England Patriots. Not to mention, the Chargers-Colts game is on CBS, and Nantz and Simms might call it. Nice little sprinkle of jackassery before the contest.

Since we’ve opened the floodgate of good-natured ribbing, I have to respond with what’s been on my mind for the past few years. CBS has done an incredibly horrible job with their football coverage. The pre-game show is an absolute train wreck. The only plus is their acquisition of anchor James Brown from FOX, but even he can’t make Dan Marino, Bill Cowher, Shannon Sharpe and Boomer Esiason entertaining. It is painful to watch. Marino looks like a statute, Cowher is clearly out of his element, I can’t understand what Sharpe is saying and Esiason, well, he’s not so bad. The play-by-play crew is even worse. I would rather hear the inner thoughts and slurrings of a drunken super-fan at a sports bar than any ass-clown they put in the booth on gameday.

Simms has eclipsed Joe Theisman on the list of al-time “hacky QB’s-turned-announcer.” Nantz is inching closer to Jim Gray as all-time “moron with a mic.”

Now unlatch from the Patriots teat before the game tomorrow morning