Merriman Speaks, Again

By Staff

“I was more [angry] after the game because of the fact we lost and thinking that it was a lot worse than we thought it was,” Merriman said Monday afternoon. “But after looking at the tape just now I feel a little bit better. Not about the losing part, but that it actually wasn’t as bad of a game.”

Merriman said the loss had more to do with “little things” and “miscommunication” rather than anything sinister.

“It wasn’t for lack of effort or anything like that,” he said. “When you see a guy getting hit a yard or two beyond the line of scrimmage and he ends up getting a gain of five, during the game you’re like, ‘What the hell are y’all doing? You’ve got to get the guy down.’ We’ve just got to stick with it, man.”

“Sometimes I admit that my emotions get the most of me because I’m so [angry] from the game,” Merriman said. “And I guess that’s why the media come in with the cameras right after to make sure somebody’s [angry]. I definitely was ticked off after the game but I was more ticked off that we lost, than anything, and didn’t fully understand how we lost.”

Norv Turner had this to say about Merriman:

“After a game it’s so emotional and these guys are so competitive, guys may say something and then all of a sudden see it the next day and say, ‘Well, that’s not exactly how this thing was meant to be or perceived,'” Turner said.