Long time since I left you, without a dope blog to step to

By Staff

For my own personal reasons, it’s been a tough few weeks, but I’m back.

Chris Chambers: in ’05, dude caught 82 balls for 1118 yards and 11 tds. That was his career year, and hasn’t really come close to it any years prior or since. BUT, this year he’s on pace for 83 catches for 1106 yards and 0 tds.

I don’t think 89’s going to be this big in the passing game here in SD, with LT getting his carries and Gates getting the ball thrown to him 5-10 times a game. Chambers will add more for opposing defenses to concern themselves with, and that should help the offense from a weapons standpoint.

Who knows, maybe he can even fire off the ball at the correct time, very un-Vincent-Jackson-like.