Patriot-Gate, A Waste of Time

By Staff

Isn’t it hilarious how every time there is a scandal, ESPN floods programming with “experts” who predict what will be the final punishment for the sporting criminal, for hours on end, until the actual punishment is handed down, and all the preliminary expert guessing proved to be filler?

It’s rediculous. John Clayton knows. No, Sean Salisbury knows. No, Mark Schlereth knows.

No one knows, except for Roger Goodell.

Please stop killing time with these arbitrary guessing. The analysis of this means literally nothing.

Why can’t “experts” argue about the upcoming games and matchups?

Less Patriot-Gate, more Chargers/Pats talk. Less Belichick, more Turner. Less wasting time, more using time wisely.

There are many topics about upcoming games that are far more intresting, that won’t be ultimately useless once Goodell comes with his final word.

Come on, people. Week 1 topics they should be talking about:

How did Tomlin win big in week 1?

How did Norv beat the bears with no O?

Are the Texans a team to look out for? What about their game this weekend against a Panthers team that was impressive at STL?

And what happened to STL’s almighty offense?

Are the Panthers going to be good this season?

Is Matt Leinart wack?

Donovan didn’t look great, what gives?

Are the Saints of ’06 a flash in the pan?

Are the Colts the best team in the league?

These are all things we should be talking about, not Belichick.