Pressure Is On Norval

By Staff

Norval Eugene Turner, the pressure is on you.

San Diegans, Vegas oddsmakers, surfer dudes and babes alike, and even Stan Humphries are hoping that Norv is the answer.

Around the country, experts feel that the Chargers are a favorite to win it all.

After last season, which included the best regular season record in the NFL and an early exit from the postseason; and after a summer where the GM did everything he could to keep that team together for another run, anything less than at least one playoff victory would be a ginormous failure. That failure will fall squarely on the shoulders of Norval. Not LT, not Lights Out, not even Marlon McCree will be blamed.

Imagine it’s January 2008. You’ve seen the Chargers season end with another home-field loss. At this point, you’d have to blame Norv. Even worse case scenario, imagine the Chargers don’t make the playoffs. Would Norv keep his job? Doubtful.

Yeah, it’s a lot of pressure. But he’s getting paid big bucks to produce big things. So, Norv–the pressure is on, try not to screw it up.