Harrington A Harbinger?

By Staff

Could it be said that there are similarities between Padraig Harrington‘s career and the San Diego Chargers franchise history? Could it be that Harrington’s victory be a harbinger for more breakthrough victories for other teams/athletes that have been in contention for years, but have never been able to break through?

The Chargers fit the mold of “one of the best NFL franchises never to have won a Super Bowl” much in the same way that Harrington was one of the best players to have won a major. 7 top ten finishes for Harrington in 36 major starts, is impressive albeit meaningless if you haven’t actually won.

Although the Chargers don’t have a Vikings or Bills resume when it comes to Super Bowl appearances, the franchise isn’t identified with losing as much as these two are, as they are with winning. The history of the franchise and the long line of great players would point to the fact that at some point they will, like Harrington, break through. Is 2007 the year?