Natrone Means Assault?

By Staff

This news from our Canadian neighbors to the north:

Tillsonburg : OPP Search for 2 Men Who Broke Into Apartment

Posted by Kate Buick on 2007/7/11 6:10:03

Oxford OPP are searching for 2 men who assaulted a Tillsonburg man in his apartment. Yesterday morning, just before 4am, a 34 year old man was asleep in his apartment on Broadway just south of Brock Street. He woke up to find his door had been forced open and two men were in his living room. One of the suspects punched the victim in the face, and then both men fled. The victim suffered minor injuries. An OPP canine team attended but the 2 men were not found. The first suspect is described as 6’2, wearing a blue t-shirt and blue jeans. The second suspect was about 5’8 wearing a number 20 San Diego Chargers football jersey. Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestoppers.

#20 Natrone Means, a one-time pro bowler, was listed at 5-10 during his playing days, but those programs always lie!

Of course, I’m kidding.

There’s no way Natrone, a Charger legend and fellow Tarheel alum would be involved in something like a breaking and assaulting.

But let’s not ignore the story… look at the crime: the story reports two men were in a guy’s apartment at 4 am, just sitting in his living room. One of them punched the rent-paying sleepyhead in the face and then they rolled out. These two (probably rolling on some kinda pharmaceutical), after breaking and entering, didn’t even take anything!

What were they doing? Leave it up to Canada for these kind of news stories.

At least one of them knew which NFL team to represent up there.