The Year of Philip

By Staff

Last year, LT was phenomenal. No one can argue. Last year, Rivers was solid, and even made the AFC pro bowl roster. But, could this year be a huge breakout season for the aerial assault for Philip and the Chargers?

When we last saw Norv Turner in San Diego, it was LaDanian’s rookie season. LT started every game, easily eclipsed 1000 yards and crossed the goal line 10 times. Each year, LT has gotten better; last season he broke the NFL single season touchdown record and ran for over 1800 yards.

It would be hard for LT to improve on that season. Here’s to 32 touchdowns and breaking Eric Dickerson’s single season rushing record.

But hey, this is the year of Philip. With Norv in town, LT and Michael Turner behind him and an emerging WR corps, Philip will blow up this season. I’m talking 4000 yards, 25 TDs and a deep playoff drive.

First, Norv: Under this super-whiny coach, Gus Frerotte and Brad Johnson made pro bowls with the Redskins; Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith set all kind of records in Dallas; and even Kerry Collins had a 3000 yard season with the Raiders. Furthermore, since Cam was running Norv’s offense, Philip is simply going to get expert instruction on something he already knows.

WR corps: Eric Parker is a veteran with contagious class and work ethic; with the addition of former bayou bengal Craig Davis, Rivers now has three 6-5 behemoths in Osgood, Floyd and Jackson and a speedy rookie with great hands; not too mention a former power forward from Kent State named Gates who’s been known to get open for the occasional alley-oop. This is a red zone dream come true for any quarterback. Does Rivers have an Old Spice contract yet?

Philip is coming off a season where he ranked in the top 10 in yardage, QB rating and TDs. And this was his first season as the starter! Beat that, Matt Schaub. Also, Philip’s O line had him ranked 8th in terms of times sacked, for QBs who started all 16 games, with only 27. David Carr would have loved to have gone 5 games with 27 sacks; but that’s another animal.

And most importantly, the NFL never lets grass get USGA lengths in any stadium (unless you’re in the NFC in January playing at GB). That means, this SoCal Philip can’t blame league officials for “dangerous” playing conditions, or whimpy wrists for anything less than home field in January and another trip to Hawaii come February.

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