Oh So Powerful, July?

By Staff

USA TODAY’s preseason NFL power rankings are in, and the Chargers are the first losers… damn the Patriots, again!

What does this mean?

It means Deborah Barrington, Jarrett Bell, Chris Colston, Jim Corbett, Nate Davis, Arin Karimian, Sean Leahy, Tom Pedulla, Matt Pitzer, Tom Weir, Larry Weisman, Skip Wood and Scott Zucker agree the Chargers are pretty good.


These esteemed no-names are the panelists we have to thank for yet another boost of confidence.

Patriots – 8 first place votes; Chargers – 3 first place votes; Colts – 2 first place votes.

Oh, and by the way, last week Sports Illustrated also unveiled their power rankings of NFL owners. The Spanoses came in 24th! Columnist Michael Silver compares Alex and Dean Spanos to another dysfunctional family–the Sopranos.

Silver condemns the relationship between Alex, Dean and A.J. Smith for what happened to the Martyball coaching staff after last season’s early playoff exit.

How could an ownership, ranked below Al Davis’ Raiders, run a team that “power” ranks somewhere in the top 3 NFL franchises, while the “just lose, baby’s” have a lock on the Bob Dole e.d. sponsored #32 spot in said power rankings?

All this adds up to one conclusion–power rankings and ownership rankings mean little in this 7th month of 2007. After all, July’s the same month that Scott Baio’s dating doldrums take to the airwaves on VH1.

Does this show’s premiere make anyone else feel that everything happening this month is truly inconsequential?

At least, until training camp starts.


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