Rookie Running back from ASU, drafted to San Diego Charger 2014 in the 6th round

Marion Grice Struggles In First Preseason Game

Marion Grice, the San Diego Chargers’ sixth round pick, did nothing but struggle against a horrendous Dallas Cowboys defense on Thursday.

Go watch Grice’s college tape. He is a very versatile back that has awareness and agility. The problem that he has is the fact that he runs straight up into the holes that he is running into.

It works in college, but you cannot do that in the NFL.  Against the Cowboys, he had 14 attempts for 35 yards, roughly a 2.5 average.

After what I saw from Branden Oliver, Grice may be in trouble. If he wants to make the team he must somehow find a way to contribute through the air. He was very good at catching passes out of the backfield at ASU.

Putting that aside, Marion Grice must change the way he runs. He is a bit too slow (4.67 40 yard dash) to try to run into holes standing straight up. Now some will argue in Branden Oliver’s case as he runs a 4.62 yard dash (I know I was surprised too). But Oliver is different. He is very small height wise measuring in under 5’7 at Buffalo’s pro day so it is a lot harder to find him, just like Danny Woodhead. And I bet that Oliver’s 40 yard dash would be different if he ran it again today, not so sure about Grice.

It’s probably too soon to judge, there are still three games left of preseason. But Charger fans, being as we are, have already penciled in Oliver’s name in the 53 man roster leaving no room for Marion Grice.

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  • tubbs45

    grice got kind of screwed on one of those run plays where the line collapsed, but he didn’t fumble!

    • Alter Ego

      I saw that too. He seemed to lack burst though. His jets were at one speed. I also didn’t see any inspace quickness. The O Line was still formidable against the Cowboys twoes and threes. He couldn’t run away from anyone.
      I liked him out of college – but with us probably only keeping four tailbacks, I like Branden Oliver a whole lot better. Oliver could have been our starting RB against the ‘Boys – I don’t believe Grice could. Stash him on the practice squad – coach him up – depth in case of injury.

  • arnie

    This is why a I love pre-season. All the hype stops here. When the pads go on, an players take to the field, you really to to see what you have. Under McCoy it doesn’t matter where you were drafted, or signed as an UDFA, performance will earn you a roster spot. At this point Grice is on the outside looking in

    • Robert Fairbanks

      I am keeping my eye on you Arnie. On June 10th you said the Bolts will go 10-6 and “they will be the final four teams playing to go to the Super Bowl” let’s hope you are correct.

      • arnie

        I’m happy somebody is listening.

        • Robert Fairbanks

          If my Bolts go 10-6 and it is NOT by luck then this will be a good year to build on for 2015 when I think they go very deep into the playoffs. For this season I have an “uneasy” feeling.

          • arnie

            That’s fair. My thinking is you make you own luck. See the Chargers, according to the experts, were supposed to Win no more than 6 games in 13′ if they were “lucky”. The stats show they lost 5 games by at least 3 point in 12′. I accounted that to “poor coaching” and “poor management”, sense the general consensus is the talent was there. I don’t agree with that, when you look at the roster, it was the experience that kept them afloat. When a player went down, norv got an experienced vet to come in and “start”, when Wright, Ingram, and Green should’ve gotten more playing time.
            Now about “luck” you make your own my doing the right things, that give you success, over,an over, an over again. They left at least 3 winnable games on the field, an put themselves in a hole. Then they rallied to win 5 of the last 6. All of this while a chunk of their staters were sidelined. Let that sink for minute. The Chargers didn’t go 9-7 and to the playoffs on “luck”. They did it with better management and coaching up a bunch of no-name backup an practice squad players, to play at a high level.
            10-6 simply because that have a year of playing time together, the talent they added, and it’s a tougher schedule. That is the same number I had them last season

    • Nick in PB

      Remember last year, we had that kid Michael Hill (I think) from D II. He just wasn’t good enough at this level. I think Grice is better but maybe the game is too fast for him at this level. That said, I think he has a skill set to develop. But for now, Oliver is the man. That dude can cut on a dime while accelerating. Totally excited about that guy. Even more than last years sensation Fozzy Whitaker. Kerwin Williams looked pretty good too.

      • arnie

        Nick, at this point I don’t see the Chargers carrying 5 RB’s. I saw Manti have the same struggles as a rookie. My hopes is Grice will figure out and gain momentum as the pre-season moves on.

  • Cgoodness13

    Well in fairness, he didn’t get much help from the O-Line

    • Derek

      Thank you! They had 2 totally diff o lines.

  • Nick Mansoor

    Was hoping he would do better. He still had three more games to prove he can be that guy

  • Sergio Quintero

    If you are going to lack elite speed you better play with power, and he didn’t seem all that powerful, he did catch ball well, but it appears that Oliver is well ahead of him, seems like Grice is going to the Practice squad.

    Seems like the chargers 5-6-7 round picks might get cut, the UT is reporting that Palepoi is ahead of Carrethers, its pretty clear Oliver is ahead of Grice, and if V.Brown roster spot is a secure as it seems, then Reese has to be out Ajirotutu, which looks like a 50-50 open competition.

    • C.Steele

      It may be the case that Palepoi is making more plays than Carrethers, and has a good shot at making the squad (Lord Knows we need quality depth at DE) but they play 2 different positions. So, that’s not an “Apples” to “Apples” comparison. The potential, physical gifts, and lack of depth at the NT position all line up well for Carrethers making the team. However, I do agree that the 6-7th round draft picks look headed to the practice squad. Lastly, I think Sorenson will have to play his ass off to avoid seeing the waiver wire and the practice squad this year.

      • Sergio Quintero

        When you’re the 3 NT, its pretty obvious that versatility is a plus, do the chargers want to carry 3 NT’s or 4 DE’s its an option, the reality is about making the best roster they can.

        I’m not surprised to read that Carrethers is struggling a little bit, I went to look at his Draft breakdown videos, and I saw a player who played way too high for a Dlineman, and that lived off his physical skill, clearly the technique needed to be a whole lot better, have a feeling like you are saying the chargers will keep him, and basically red shirt him by making him inactive most if not all weeks.

        • C.Steele

          Well our starting NT is an out of position DE, so if need be he could play his natural position, he did some last year, giving us 4 DE. And you are correct about the tape on Carrethers, but the same could be said for our #2NT he plays way to high for a NT. Which makes me think Carrethers will get some snaps this year. Any way you look at it right now, the NT position seems like it going to be a work in progress again this year.


    Let’s be fair… Grice often had several defenders on him when he took the handoff (especially around the goal line where scoring is a strength). He needs more space and is best utilized as a 3rd down or receiving back. While there is a crowd in the bolts’ backfield and probably only one space open, don’t rule out Grice yet! As ASU followers, we saw his “game speed” and nose for the end zone. Give him a few more games and he’ll show you a little more, I’m confident.

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  • jaysea

    Grice played for my college; he was very good at breaking routes, getting open and bailing out our QB. I’m not sure if his actual RB talents will transfer to the NFL; hopefully he can make some adjustments and pull through, as a die hard Charger fan it’ll would great to see a player from my college make the squad.

  • joerockt

    I don’t see even Oliver making the squad, much less Grice. Oliver to the practice squad and if one of the 3 RB’s gets hurt, call him up. We need depth at other positions and not waste it on a 4th RB. Always thought picking Grice was silly with 3 completely capable RB’s on the squad already.

    • joerockt

      Ehrrrm, nevermind, forgot we had 5 RB’s last year. Guess we have room for 1 more lol.