Players To Keep An Eye On in Training Camp

Training camp is just around the corner for the San Diego Chargers.

For some players such as Philip Rivers or Eric Weddle, it’s just another way to familiarize themselves with the team and help coach their fellow teammates. But for others it couldn’t be more crucial.

Know that OTA’s is just to get the ball rolling. The players get friendly with each other, they learn the playbook, throw some routes, etc. The coaches can’t really separate a player from another in a position battle.

But training camp is highly competetive. There is a reason Mike McCoy told the players to rest well, because training camp will not be easy. There are a lot of players that we should keep an eye on.

Who are those players?

Malcom Floyd

As we all know, Malcom Floyd is coming off of a serious neck injury. So far, reports have said that he is performing well. Training camp should give us an idea of if he can perform as well as he has done in the past.

Tevin Reese

There is no guaranteed spot for the 7th round pick. Tevin Reese will have to show in training camp what he is capable of. Look for him to start out handling the kick and punt return duties.

Ryan Carrethers/Kwame Geathers

These two will try to push Sean Lissemore for the starting spot. Ryan Carrethers, the 5th round pick out of Arkansas State, has said previously that he wants the starting spot. But he might not even get the second string position. Kwame Geathers is coming off of a strong rookie season and he will try to surprise everyone again. Look for these two big men to battle it out.

Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers is coming into a whole new team with a brand new defensive coordinator. You should keep an eye on how well he adapts to the new defense. Don’t be surprised if you find him as a backup the first few days on the sidelines.

The Whole Offense

Let’s keep a tab on the “new” offense Reich is supposed to run. We should see some no huddle being constructed in training camp.

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  • Gunnar Martin

    I am really looking forward to seeing the OLB position battle myself, specifically between the last few guys (Keiser, Tourek, Larry, Law). Lots of unknown ability there. I’m really hoping Law turns out to have those beastly pass rushing skills we’ve been hearing about.

    • Matt Pagels

      Gunnar I’m thinking the same thing. So much depth with so much potential.

      • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

        My fingers are crossed that the final 53 are ao hungry to show and prove that it shuts all the naysayers up….

    • Sam Kweon

      But note that Law is a CFL standout not an NFL standout. Yes I shouldve put Law on the list though. He could either be good or a total bust

      • Gunnar Martin

        Right. But at least if he flops it won’t be a HUGE bust because I think a player needs to have started with lots of credentials in order to be labeled a “bust”.

        • Robert Fairbanks

          Do you mean a bust like First Round Draft Choice Larry English?

      • Marcel West-Bailey

        Law does have a somewhat slight advantage previously being in the CFL though. When you play in there, the DL are a yard off the ball. So he’s getting to the QB, possibly RB while getting there late by NFL standards. He measured like 44 tackles and 14 sacks which ain’t too bad. Of course the guys in the NFL are MUCH more talented than those in the CFL but it’s a bright spot.

  • tubbs45

    Interested in KR/PR and our Matthews/Brown running pair…

  • BoltNative

    And Kendall Reyes is your default starter at LDE with no questions asked huh? Again, move Lissemore over to compete at starting LDE and see how Geathers and Carrethers do at rotating in at NT that is used according to Pagano about 30 – 35% of the time.

    • Sam Kweon

      Kendall Reyes will start at LDE. No doubt in my mind.

    • John Alton

      Why would Reyes be the default LDE? Explain it, since your against it.

      • Sam Kweon

        So you guys are saying Reyes shouldn’t start? Come on. Reyes has shown A LOT of potential just like Corey Liuget.

        • NateLew

          As a pass rusher, yes. Liuget has shown capable of being an every down player when healthy. I’m not denying Reyes should play in passing situations but it would be great if someone in camp showed better run stopping ability. Better run stoppers like JJ typically see the field on first downs and are deemed starters regardless of number of snaps.

          • Sam Kweon

            You make a pretty good point Nate. But understand that Reyes is not a bad run stopper. He has tons of potential to become great at both pass rushing and run stopping

          • BoltNative

            Sam, last year “before” the season started, Reye’s weakness was stated as “he gets washed out on run plays.” So, what happened last year as the Chargers gave up an average of 5 yards per run play? Reyes got washed out during run plays and the Charger defense stunk it up and was gashed badly! Liuget didn’t have a great year either but was hurt. Or NT was a disappointment and Lissemore was a surprise bright spot. I WANT REYES ON PASSING PLAYS. But, I want intense competition for that LDE spot as he has Not proven to be “good” or even “average” on run plays and that’s a fact. So, I don’t see Reyes as a “starter” in that regard until he can prove that he can run stop anybody and not wear down playing all 3 plays all game long.

  • powderBLUE801

    Are u saying flowers sits on the sideline for pre season or regular season? I don’t see how he misses any regular season games as he should adapt fairly quick to the play book. I would say flowers will adapt faster than Verrett does.

    • Marcel West-Bailey

      Some people thought Derek Cox, myself included, should adapt to the play book quickly and we saw how that turned out. Obviously he’s no Flowers but when he was in Jax he was a pretty good zone corner.

      • powderBLUE801

        Yes you said it best. Can’t compare Cox to Flowers plus they are two completely different CB’s. Plus Flowers has one thing Cox will never have and that’s a pro bowl.

        • Stefanie Smith

          It’s weird, but I think some of these guys go for the money and they really don’t want to be where they land. That was Cox. He did not want to be here and he did not fit. I think that is changing with the new management and a new perception.

          I truly believe many of the NFL players out there think we are close , i.e. a team that has a chance to go far in the playoffs, and all that implies.

          I hope Flowers fits in, is happy here and plays well. His incentive, whether he likes it here or not, is that he has one year to showcase himself for a different team or wow us. If he can’t do that, then he is out of luck.

          • powderBLUE801

            Very true. Flowers will be on his game and he will be a monster as this year will be a make or break year for him. I’m still in shock that we snagged him and it will take a few games for it to settle in.

    • Sam Kweon

      I am saying that he misses some time at training camp. No way he doesn’t play in the preseason or regular season!

      • powderBLUE801

        Got cha

  • Marcel West-Bailey

    Real talk I wish we took LaKendrick Ross on Thursday. At least to give him a shot at making the team.

  • Why O Why

    Personally, I was really excited with our 7th round draft choice. He has the potential to be our DeSean Jackson with out the personality problems. His deep ball threat would only prove to help our running and pass game. As it is, I don’t even know if he will make the team… I hope he does. The “he is too small” argument doesn’t really bother me in the least.

  • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

    I wanna see our NTs and Secondary most. If that DLine shows up this year, they can make the Secondary’s job so much easier….

  • Sergio Quintero

    Good choices on the players to watch, but a few extras for me:

    Corey Liuget: There have been reports of a torn labrum, he looked great early in the preseason last year, and never looked the same, if that dominant player of the early preseason is back then the entire defense is improved.

    Ingram/Freeney: Want to see individually and want to see how having them on the field together may improve pass rush for the season.

    Verrett/Williams: Both are small, very fast, zone specific corners, I want to see if their skills translate to the NFL game, I am very optimistic their skill will translate and provide a great deal impact this season and towards the future.

    SS competition: Seems like the fans want Jahlel Addae to win this spot, but Gilchrist is the incumbent and is facing a make or break season to live up to his 2nd round billing.

    Canadian Imports (Inman & Law): Both put up excellent numbers in the CFL, will they make the roster and provide an impact???