Oct 20, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; (Editors note: Caption correction) San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) and quarterbacks coach Frank Reich before the start of their game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Frank Reich Is Ready To Let Philip Rivers Fly

When news was released that Frank Reich will give Rivers more “leeway than he has ever had,” I couldn’t have been more excited.

Ken Whisenhunt was good. Although there were times where I was screaming at Whisenhunt to not run a draw on 3rd and 14, he still came up with strategies to beat teams like the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos.

But Frank Reich excites me. If you read his interviews, you probably know that the offense will be different in 2014-2015. How exactly so?

First of all, let’s go back to Reich’s old playing days.

“When we ran the no-huddle, I called a lot of plays. I’ve called plenty of plays on the field,” Frank Reich

Reich was a quarterback of the Buffalo Bills back in the 1980′s. It seems that he had his own experience with a no-huddle offense with not much coaching control. “I’ve called plenty of plays on the field. When I played in Buffalo, when we ran the no-huddle, I called a lot of plays. Play-calling is important, but you’ve got to have the players.”

The no-huddle offense is effective. If you want the perfect example of the fast paced offense you should look at Peyton Manning. He gets to throw the ball 50 times a game but also has the chance to mix up some runs, which is devastating to defenses. It also means that the quarterback will call a lot of the plays as well. The Bolts did some of this last year and it worked out well.

It looks like Philip Rivers will be running more of the no huddle this upcoming season.

“On an edition of the “Around The League Podcast,” NFL Media analyst Bucky Brooks revealed that [Philip] Rivers is running the same heavy no-huddle scheme that the Colts used when new Chargers offensive coordinator Frank Reich was Manning’s position coach in Indianapolis.”

“Faster Pace should lead to more plays and scoring opportunities while limiting defensive substitutions” Chris Wesseling, NFL.com.

This could be the year where Rivers shuts up the debate of if he is an elite quarterback or not. If Reich actually does run this offense, it will give Rivers freedom from the unnecessary runs that Whisenhunt always ran.

Frank Reich is ready to let Philip Rivers fly.

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  • Chad Jensen

    Rivers is elite. I’m a Broncos guy. He had a rough 2 years but 2013 proved that if you put talent around him, he’ll win.

    • Sam Kweon

      Yes Chad, I believe Rivers is elite as well. But most Chargers fans do not. For example on NFL.com Top 100 list, Rivers is BELOW Big Ben. Just ridiculous.

      • Derek

        Well you know the ring is the measuring stick. Even flacco is considered elite now

        • Stefanie Smith

          Yes, that is the case. But I firmly believe that in the case of the Chargers, it is management and ownership – with the years of AJ Smith being the main one responsible. If it wasn’t the players he was letting out the door, he alienated the coaches,
          I am starting to believe this new management is changing this mentality. With their attitudes, it also helps change the owners’ attitude.

          We used to be a team where no one wanted to come to. As a result, we had to pay a premium to get an FA to come here (Meachem). It is starting to change. You see it now.
          Rivers can only do so much. Management from the owners on down has to back him up and push for a championship also. Some owners really don’t give a hoot about a championship.

          * Slightly off topic: But look at the state of the Padres. That is management and ownership which is more interested in having the lowest payroll in all of baseball. All they do is yap about San Diego being a small market. It’s bad when the stadium is empty so much of the time. It’s not always the players.

          • Sergio Quintero

            On the Padres thing, I’m tired of listening to the Padres limitations and problems, we are a fanbase not your therapists, put a good team and the fanbase will respond filling the stadium.

          • Stefanie Smith

            Exactly, Sergio. It’s management and ownership causing the biggest problems there. I could not believe it when the owner brought up the “small market” during the Tony Gwynn memorial service. “Even though we are a small market, Tony stayed here.” Those owners are really a weird bunch. Those owners are worried about keeping payroll low. When they fired the GM, the press actually asked if this is a cost cutting measure. lol alluding that one of the owners would fill in. They aren’t really interested in winning and bringing a championship to SD.

          • Sergio Quintero

            They have to remind us of the inferiority complex every single second, instead of making excuses, start spending heavily in the draft and the international signing period, if you don’t spend there you’ll never get star players at any point in their careers.

            If the Padres had guts and foresight a guy like Jose Abreu would be wacking his HR’s at Petco not in Chicago.

          • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

            Doesn’t help our efforts for a new stadium for the Bolts, either. Nice stadium.. crappy baseball team… awful stadium… pretty darn good football team. How did that happen?

          • arnie

            Poor management.

    • powderBLUE801

      Hey Chad your a classy guy. Give respect where it’s due. Good luck this year my man it will be fun as always.

  • Cgoodness13

    Our offense was good last year, but it still has a lot of improving to do such as scoring in the red zone, hope Frank and Floyd coming back fixes our O problems

    • Sam Kweon

      The red zone problems… What a flashback

    • Sergio Quintero

      Time to use Green a whole lot more in that area, the one type of pass that Gates shows a lot of his decline is in throws above his head, he seems to have lost a spring in his vertical and looks uncomfortable exposing his ribs. I’m hoping that Gates dropping below Allen and most likely under Floyd will give him the first single coverage he has seen in what seems to be forever, and give him a better season that many experts are expecting.

      Green on the other hand made that fade against the Bengals looks like childs play. The play distribution between Gates & Green will be something to watch throughout the season, according to the boys at PFF Green rated higher than Gates as a blocker as well.

      • arnie

        Remember who was money in the redzone? Gates. Where was has he been used the least, in the last few seasons? The rednzone.

        • Sergio Quintero

          I don’t think they didn’t use Gates in the red zone, just not the his best use, he’s at his best boxing out in the middle of the field, even better if you can create a single coverage for him. The NFC East teams decided and he played his best games last year against them, but the 2 things he seems to be struggling at now, is breaking 2 man bracket coverage, and high pointing balls winning above his coverage man.

          In terms of putting a receiver outside and letting him win at high poiting a ball Floyd & Green seem much better suited for that specific red zone solution.

          • arnie

            I understand all that, however being a top 5 TE in receptions an TD’s would tend to suggest otherwise. Gates best games an career stats came in “short yardage” situations, one of them being the redzone. Add to the fact he is older and was asked to put on 15 pounds, by norv has reduced his effectiveness, inside the numbers.
            By no means do i mean to suggest Gates over Green. The writing is on the wall, Green is Gates heir and our jimmy grahm.

          • Sergio Quintero

            I would definitely tell Gates to lose those 15 lbs, I don’t need him to be a stud blocker, but the chargers need him as quick as possible, so if a pounds off get him an extra step its welcome, the double bracket coverage will be on Gates early in the season.

          • arnie

            That’s just par for the course, not giving that type of attention is disrespectful and down right dangerous for defenses. Even asa “declining” TE he’s still serves purpose. The problem is the same, but it won’t work. Taking away Gates was sign defenses did not respect anyone else to make plays. That is the other reasonGates has had soemmany difficulties. Like Rivers part of Gates success was the talent around him to take away that attention. It used to be pick your poison, hower the lack of skill on the outside put all the focus on Gates. Allen, Floyd, royal, Tutu, Woodhead, D.Brown an Green don’t make it easy to bracket Gates without getting burnt somewhere else.
            Contex, having an all-pro like metsolars coaching the 5time probowler, I hoping will have the same effect on our TE as McCoy had on Rivers.

          • Sergio Quintero

            If they can keep Floyd healthy they will be fine, if not they Brown & Green to grow up a lot faster than expected.

            Floyd averaged 13.2 games for the 5 years before his injury, I’m hoping they can get 13-14 games from him and that would just about perfect to have the chargers passing game working at high gear.

  • Nick619chargers4life

    Well hopefully they let Rivers do more of his own thing. We will see . We heard the same thing last offseason, so hopefully it’s a lot more then what we saw last season .

    • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Sergio Quintero

    Sorry for the rehash of the same point, but to unleash Rivers the chargers have to stop running inside draws on 2nd & Long, Whisenhunt was driving me nuts with the same draw run, have no issue with runs on 2nd & 4 or shorter, but runs on longer distances basically secure that you will have to have a successful 3rd conversion.

    Consistently putting your QB in 3rd down is not the best method for productivity in this current NFL, I’m guessing the Broncos & Saints run the ball on 2nd & medium/long at less than 20% of the time, I don’t want that extreme, but a healthy 60-70% pass rate to start the game, with a shift to a 20-30% pass rate in the 2nd half with a lead seems much more with the times.

    The chargers most successful offensive performance late in the season came in a game vs the Giants, in which Rivers threw the ball 21 times in the first half, but ended with 28 throws because the chargers had a lead and they could grind the clock with the run in the 2nd half. That mentality is what I’m looking for in Reich, not 6 pass first halfs.

    • BoltNative

      Couldn’t agree more with the inside draws. Also, last year it seemed that the Chargers threw out any and all screen plays that it used to run.

      • Sergio Quintero

        2 things I want to see more, screens as you mentioned, and play action passes with Rivers under center.

        I remember reading that Rivers career pass rating in play action passes under center exceeds 120, and it was something I rarely if ever saw in the red zone.

        • Sam Kweon

          As you could see in the article, I completely agree with you. Stop with the draws! I believe Reich will put an end to it.

          • Sergio Quintero

            I rewatched the last 4 games (Oak, KC, Cincy, Denver) and Whisenhunt was handcuffing Rivers by running almost 100% of the time on first & second down.

            I remember Peyton Manning mentioning that he requires a certain amount of throws in the first half to get in rhythm, and that he felt in specific that in their loss to the Patriots they ran the ball so much, that they couldn’t throw the ball when they had to do, when the game got close. I don’t believe in 50 throws a games, but I do believe in a balanced offense that rides its franchise QB, that throws the ball at around 55-60% of the time.

  • JayMan

    Rivers is a warrior – give him a sword and watch him slay.

  • diomar espinal

    For years, as a chargers fan, i thought Philip Rivers was only a regular season QB who choked in big moments . Then Mike McCoy and whisenhunt came to town and it opened my eyes and let me understand certain nuances of the game better. All those years under that terrible Norval regime, Norv made all the playcalls. Very rarely in those years would you see Phillip run hurryup offense or even audible out of a play at the line of scrimmage for that matter. Us as chargers fans can remember that Norvs playcalling was down right awful and repetitive and all the good DCs in the league we played knew this . Fast forward to this year, A coach comes in who actually believes in Phillips ability to read defenses and make his own playcalls at the line of scrimmage. Look what happened. The guy turned in one of if not his best statistical season as a pro. Mind you we had one of the worst defenses in the league and where down to 2nd and 3rd stringers at receiver? Any QB in the league not named, Aaron, Peyton, Tom, Brees, or Luck would have struggled to win 5 games with this team we had nevermind make the playoffs and win a road playoff game. Now that ive seen what Phillip is capable of when he is allowed to run his own offense, i truly believe deep down we can contend for a SB. Call me crazy but if our Defense is even middle of the pact instead of awful how it was for most of the year last year, i see us seriously contending for a ring.

    • Stefanie Smith

      dionar: You are correct in your observations. I read an article on some sports site which was written about Norv since he left and is now with the Vikings. The writer stated that Norv is absolutely against the no-huddle offense and he wanted to call all the plays. I cannot recall if this was a quote. But it definitely fits into what we, as Charger fans, know. Whisenhunt was not all for the no-huddle offense either. Egos get in the way… I remember way back when we were really in the dumps and I think we were playing Cleveland. There is a video clip with Phillip yelling at Norv to call a certain play. Norv just ignored him … and guess what? We lost. Now, at least there are some progressive minds around the Chargers. For that, I am thankful. Yeah, I think McCoy is a great coach. He inspires those guys and tells them when they play great and when they don’t play so well. He expects them to do well. They are thriving on that.

      • diomar espinal

        Its insane and i feel terrible all those years placing blame on phillip. Looking back i can see most of the time Phillip was probably just forcing the ball to people to make a play knowing that the play call was horrible. Once again you fast forward this year and the difference is light and day? It was refreshing when McCoy came in because working with Peyton all those years he saw what he was capable of and its good that he had hat same trust in Phillip to be able to also make his own pre snap reads and calls. But for now steph we can just thank the lord we have McCoy running the show and not Norval .

        • DerekZ7

          Now i dont know if this was PR just being a good leader and keeping the media output the same as the coaches, but he did say tgat he did not want to call plays back in those days with Norv. Also, PR didn’t throw the ball a ton when Tomlinson was around, so that coukd explain why he didn’t want to do it yet, from an experience standpoint. Rivers was the best QB of his class but went to the worst franchise down the stretch.

          • arnie

            Very true, and that could of played into a lot of Rivers development. However, norv was an offensive “genius” and QB guru, so at some point I would expect him to “trust” the QB he groomed?

  • Aquaman

    I’m an old, long time Charger fan.
    My best SD moments are when Stan Humphries was QB, and the game was exciting to the last second.
    Those are the Charger days I miss, and Rivers, as smart as he is, with the freedom to make calls and move fast, will become a great QB to the masses this season, AND the game will be exciting and fun again!
    Can’t argue with the ring theory guys, when you own one, your the man.
    I hope Rivers and team can own one…

  • tstier

    Rivers is a legit QB. But I wouldn’t just turn him loose, he has a propensity to make the MOST boneheaded decisions… Keep a leash on him…


    Rivers is elite….But he needs a ring.

  • Sam Kweon

    I inserted a poll for you guys. Curious to see what you guys think!