Nov 24, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; San Diego Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen (13) is unable to catch a pass while defended by Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers (24) in the first half at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego Chargers most overrated player

The list of most underrated and overrated players in the league has been released by CBS Sports again. There is always  controversy around the player that the select for the overrated selection. This time, I don’t know how much controversy there will be. Here is their selection:

Overrated: CB Brandon Flowers ­­– Yes, he’s only on a one­-year deal. But he did not play well in 2013. There’s a reason he’s on the market. Yet he went to the Pro Bowl last season.

If Brandon Flowers is the most overrated player on the team, then that must mean good things! What expectations do you really have of Flowers?

Flowers went to the Pro Bowl last year and most of us know that he didn’t have the greatest season. I don’t know who is expecting him to be a superstar on this team? We just want him to be solid and we will be happy. If he plays at a Pro Bowl level, then we got a steal.

The expectations for any corner in San Diego is low. We had one of  the worst secondaries in the league last season. We just don’t want to get torn to pieces in the air. We need everyone on the defensive side of the ball to step it up.



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  • Austin Carter

    Flowers lost his pass rush 65% into the season…. No pass rush=terrible pass coverage I don’t care if Richard Sherman was out there. Bottem line we get to the qb and stop the run our d will be top 10

  • Gunnar Martin

    Even if Flowers plays at the exact same level as he did last season (which he won’t), I’ll take it. Still an upgrade to our secondary.

  • Sergio Quintero

    Overrated I’ll go with Manti Te’o, at this point a below averge ILB, he has time to turn himself into a good player, but there is definitely a good reason to have concern that he will never live up to the high 2nd round pick with heavy hype persona with which he arrived on this team.

    • RZorn

      I believe you should get at least two or three years in the league to be considered overrated or not.Just to be fair.

      • BlueBoltFan

        Not only is it fair, it’s reality. Pat Kirwan had an article a while back about how, on average, it takes 2+ years for a drafted player to become a regular starter. Besides that, Te’o had a season-long persistent foot injury that required offseason surgery AND caused him to miss most of training camp. I say the jury’s still out.

        • RZorn

          Absolutely,Te’o shouldn’t even be cosidered.

  • tonyloc1970 .

    How can Flowers be overrated? That is relative to the person(s) making the claim. The amount of money the Chargers got him for was outstanding. TT did a great job with adding in performance incentives. That way Flowers makes his money only if he earns it. This article was a joke. Let’s see the year play out and then make a claim on if he is overrated or not.

    • BlueBoltFan

      I bet the writer didn’t do any deeper thinking than to see the San Diego Chargers logo, remember that they just signed Brandon Flowers to a deal, and that Flowers had a disappointing 2013 season. Boom. Onto the San Francisco 49ers most overrated player…

  • Mark Viguri

    Is Weddle over-rated? No, the most over-rated is probably future HOFer Antonio Gates but he still suckers teams into thinking he needs double coverage. Clary is the most overpaid. Ladarius Green is the easy pick for most under-rated and but I’ve always been a huge fan of RT/LT/RG UCLA walk on Michael Harris. I also think Manti is really under-rated and will make all doubters and haters eat their words this year now that Teo is 100% healthy.

    • Mark Viguri

      Brandon Taylor would have been first choice for most Over-rated Charger, hands down but he was cut. Did the guy ever play a down in the NFL? And he was always penciled in as a starter by most fans and the media.

      • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

        You have to play to be over rated right? Taylor was just a waste of a pick

    • John Alton

      Manti Te’o is going to make these haters eat there words this year. Look at what he did last year on a broken foot. He will be healthy and a year older in this system.

    • BoltNative

      To be honest, I want to “eat my words” on Manti Teo. And I want him in on passing downs too. But, play “soft” again this year and Conner will have to replace him on 1-2 downs. I expect our NT situation to have noticeably improved, so that should help Teo. He’s a good guy, but this is football and Teo should “earn” a starting position and not be stubbornly thrown into a starting position just to prove a TT point.

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    If were talking ish about 2013/over ratedness it’s Cox’s sorry ass and he’s gone.

  • Nick Mansoor

    Flowers has always been a very good corner up until last season because the Chiefs defensive coach didn’t know how to use him efficiently.

    Fortunately, we have a defensive scheme that Brandon Flowers can thrive in, so whoever says Flowers is overrated is a straight dummy. It doesn’t take 1 season to be considered overrated, if it grows into a trend, then we are talking.


    He wasn’t in the right system.
    I don’t get how one bad season takes away from a players whole career.

    • BlueBoltFan

      I think part of the problem is these sports writers need something to write about in the dead time before training camp.

      But the logic still doesn’t hold up. By their reasoning, the Patriots should have cut Tom Brady after the 2008 season for being injury prone. Underrated/overrated should be a cumulative assessment of a players career.

  • powderBLUE801

    Flowers is going back to a zone box scheme where he will flourish. He won’t need to worry about press man and for that reason I think he will make the pro bowl again hands down. I can’t wait for this year to pop off. This will be our year that we challenge the donkeys for 1st place in the west.

  • rickochey

    Ryan Mathews is the most overrated

  • Marcel West-Bailey

    Jahleel Addae. We are screaming about his potential but he’s only played one year.

    • RZorn

      C’mon man,he was a UDFA…and only played one season. He can’t be overrated. smh…

      • Marcel West-Bailey

        Regardless. Don’t get me wrong. I love him as a player. But we have overhyped this guy since the season ended. Where you’re drafted doesn’t negate whether you’re overrated or not. You could have been a walk on and if people are running around proclaiming your name you’re still overrated if you haven’t proved it yet.

        • RZorn

          I don’t think he is being “over hyped”.I think being Charger Fans,we see one of our players who wasn’t even drafted come in and make the team by working his ass off. Just to make an NFL squad without being drafted would make him under rated regardless of what anyone says about him. He has promise,so I would give him more time before calling him overrated.

          • Peter Thompson

            He had ZEEEERRROOOOO competition… just sayin’. Still doesn’t have anyone that is good enough to beat him out.

          • Marcel West-Bailey

            Exactly what you just said. He made the team after not being drafted and we think he has promise. But we take that to the highest degree.

      • Peter Thompson

        Yes he can.. lol… and he is.

    • Peter Thompson

      AHHHHH-GREEEEED!!!!! Thank you SO much for saying it! The second anyone says anything.about him, people start stroking his dreads, and doing body shots off of his washboard.. pffftttt… when he gets torched repeatedly, I don’t want to hear shit.

      • Marcel West-Bailey

        I think people fell in love with his story so it’s hard to look at him objectively lol. Of course I’m not saying he can’t play but people are feverishly running around clutching at their tinkles saying this guy is THE piece we need beside Weddle.

  • Conor Cahill

    “Underrated: TE Ladarius Green –­­ He is the backup to Antonio Gates,­­ although that could change this season. He averaged 22.1 yards on 17 catches last season. Watch what he does this season.”

  • Jamie Reno

    pretty tough to call anyone on the chargers overrated. this team, in 2014, is collectively UNDERRATED, especially its elite quarterback.

  • BoltNative

    Defensively, Reyes is the most overrated. At the beginning of last season, his weaknesses were succinctly mentioned in the “run game” and with an average 5 yard per carry, man didn’t we see that last season?!? Reyes didn’t have much NT help last year either and didn’t seem to be used like he was in his rookie year where we “played to his strengths.”

    I definitely want Reyes refreshed and in on passing downs. But, Lissemore should move over to LDE on 1-2 downs while we see what the Geathers and Carrethers rotation can do at NT (base pckg. approx. 30-35% est.). If Lissemore is not already playing, he could also back up Luiget along with Guy, Palepoi, etc. I hate the insistence from Pagano that we must put in Lissemore at NT while Reyes gets a free pass again in the run game and Carrethers lingers as a 3rd NT option. If our run defensive doesn’t dramatically improve this season, let alone our pass defense, then maybe Pagano should get the light shined back on him and his scheme.

    • Peter Thompson

      Reyes is definitely overrated… possibly even Liuget, unless he decides to put his big boy pants on this season.

  • Peter Thompson

    Flowers can’t be overrated. He doesn’t make enough money, and besides… He could come into town riding a one-legged rocking horse, with one arm taped behind his back, and still be MILES ahead of any other CB on this roster. All I expect of him is that he is, at least, mediocre / pedestrian. If he does, he will already be an upgrade to Jammer, Cason, Cox, Wright, Marshall, Gilchrist, your mutha, your brutha, or any other sucka…. That’s how neglected this secondary has become.

    Most overrated player is BY FAR Jahleel Addae… although I am praying the support of the “pro-bowl caliber” Weddle & Flowers, and the addition of Verrett & Williams coming back will step his game up, or mask his inexperience.