Dec 8, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers (24) defends the pass by Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) during the second half at FedEx Field. The Chiefs won 45 - 10. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Should The Chargers Pick Up Brandon Flowers?


So the Kansas City Chiefs seem to be parting ways with their Pro Bowl cornerback Brandon Flowers. He has spent 6 years with the team and it looks like he is moving on.


What does this mean for the Chargers? This is most definitely a solution to help solidify our secondary (at long last), and once that could go a long way for this franchise. Flowers is 28 years of age, and had proven to be one of the best corners in the game today. He also earned his place on the 2013 Pro Bowl squad.


Imagine our roster with Flowers in the mix. Brandon would obviously hold down the #1 spot. #2 will come down to Shareece Wright, Richard Marshall or Jason Verrett. We will have outstanding depth on the chart as well with Steve Williams, Brandon Ghee and Marcus Gilchrist behind the top 3.


Our biggest issue with Brandon Flowers will most likely be how much we are willing to pay the man. He is an excellent corner, but he won’t come cheap. How can Telesco make this happen? Well, he has several options one of which would include the consideration of cutting Jeromey Clary (gasp) or restructuring player contracts (once again Clary, probably Mathews as well). He is currently making about $5.75 million per season, and would be asking for a similar number with his new team.


I think we should pounce on this opportunity,  this would really help our defense a lot and we will have great depth while we are in the process. Come on Telesco,  lets close this. What do you guys think?

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  • Marcel West-Bailey

    I like the idea. He could get a little payback for getting let go but I’m not sure if Telesco is looking to bring in another 5’10″ corner. I think he could teach a lot to Verrett, Williams and a few others but players aren’t always willing to teach what they know to young guys. That and of course the money situation.

  • tubbs45

    If we could find a way to make the $$ work, why the hell not? He would immediately come in as a starter, take pressure off of verrett and make our entire secondary legit!

    • Stefanie Smith

      I agree, tubbs. We would have something going on. Depth and a chance for Verrett to catch up, etc. We would end up having a pretty good defense. Competitive.

    • boltfan

      why not? b/c he sucks

      • NoPinion

        thanks for your in-depth analysis

  • Eli Rodriguez

    I think it would be a waste of moneuy. I feel like TT is saving the last bit of salary cap he has just in case a player gets hurt and we have to pick someone up. He did that with freeney last year. We also have 2 similar players in williams ans verrett. I dont think we need him. Im curious to see hows these players will do this season first.

    • Nick in PB

      Good point Eli. I agree. Have to keep some money on the back burner in case of injuries. I think the secondary will have growing pains but i like the talent that’s there. In time, I think they will be a good one with Verrett, Williams, Ghee, Cromartie and Davis, there is a lot of young talent to develop. In time, I think we can be very good.

  • Gunnar Martin

    With the cap room we still have available for next year, I don’t think the money is too big of a deal. They could figure out a contract that makes it all work. I think he would be an awesome, unexpected boost to not only our secondary, but our entire defense. He creates a lot of turnovers, and we know that’s what Pagano especially wants to improve on this year. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he comes from the the college of corners, Virginia Tech. Let’s do it!

  • tonyloc1970 .

    I would love for the Chargers to pick up Flowers, but it won’t happen. Let’s be realistic.

  • Dave Ford

    Ok, lets wake up from la la land. We don’t have the money to sign Flowers.

  • shane

    No way he cost over 5 mil/year. there’s a reason the guy got cut, he played poorly last year, him making the pro bowl was an absolute joke. I say he’d be around #2 or 3 cb on our team. I hope we don’t pick him up, the only thing i’d like is his help mentoring for our other young corners.

    • jcrisp

      Well said shane.

  • Julien Bélair



    The Question is can we afford him?

    And I wouldn’t start him over Shareece Wright.

    #1 Wright #2 Flowers Slot – Verrett

    • Marcel West-Bailey

      Are you putting Wright ahead of Flowers because of experience in the team’s defense or because you think Wright is the better player?

      • CALiFORNiAkiD

        I think Wright is better. He played so well late in the season and into the playoffs. He held both AJ Green and D. Thomas (top 5 WR’s) to 80 yards combined.

        • Marcel West-Bailey

          Ehh. I don’t know about that one. Has Wright improved? Absolutely. No question about it. But I wouldn’t say he’s on Flowers’s level yet. But I also won’t say that Flowers’s is THAT much better than him.

          • CALiFORNiAkiD


          • brandont

            i’m w/jeremy, bflowers wasn’t good. got into pro bowl on fluke and b/c of his name

          • Gunnar Martin

            Well we also don’t know yet how much Shareece has improved between the end of last year and now. It’s possible that he’s gotten even that much better over the offseason.

          • Marcel West-Bailey

            That’s very true. I hope he’s gotten better. It seems as if the entire secondary as individuals have gotten better but we’ll see once the season starts.

          • jeremy

            On last year alone Wright WAS better on the outside. Flowers was good in the slot but come on he got beat by tutu for the game winner. Just watch the tape flowers did not look good last year Wright was solid and better than solid toward the end. I guarantee Wright out plays flowers this year wherever he ends up

          • Marcel West-Bailey

            Last year alone they played very identical. I don’t know where you got that from buddy. They both had the same miserable amount of picks but Flowers had like 9 more tackles. And on that game winning pass to Tutu I’d like for you to go back and see who was covering him. Because I’m 100% it wasn’t Flowers. And guaranteeing Wright playing better next year is unwise. This is the NFL. There are no guarantees. Stuff happens. The only safe prediction is Peyton Manning is going to throw touchdowns, AP is going to run the ball, and ESPN is going to watch every move from Johnny Manziel.

          • Gunnar Martin

            Yeah it was Sean Smith that gave up that AWESOME game-winner.

          • CALiFORNiAkiD

            Anyone still counting Wrights 1st half of the season is an imbecile.

            It was his first time being a full time starter.
            You need time to adjust.

            You can’t tell me Brandon Flowers played better than Shareece Wright during the 2nd half of the season.

            Chiefs fans don’t even care about this cut.
            The guy played horrible last season.

          • Nick in PB

            I am totally looking forward to Wright having a stellar season.

          • Marcel West-Bailey

            No no I agree. Wright played fair in the first half but very well in the second. He outplayed Flowers, no doubt. But I think there’s a difference between a player who plays better for a period of time and the other player who is better overall. If you’re into basketball, it’s like Kevin Durant won the MVP this season and rightfully so but LeBron James is the better player. I was reading on some other sports blog that Flowers isn’t the type of corner that fits into Reid’s defense. I suppose there’s something to be said for that but I’m not basing an entire argument on that. Flowers had a pathetic season, clearly, but I wouldn’t expect that to happen again. Not that bad.

          • CALiFORNiAkiD

            You agree…good!

  • Steve Diaz

    Yes! I thought the same thing, so this was great timing for this article. After Denver upgraded their defense, I figured all we needed was one Pro Bowl corner….and he can fall into our lap! With the money Clary is due, it is time to move on from Clary and get Flowers! Plus, he is familiar with Denver, Chiefs, and the Raiders in our division. Perfect opportunity Telesco. Now make it happen!

    • jeremy

      Judging by how our cb depth looks and the fact that Troutman let rivers get hammered in Denver I’m not ready to let clary walk. He played very well last year and I’m tired of people not giving him credit. I agree he should restructure but getting rid of clary to sign flowers would be stupid

      • markblls

        jeremy’s on a roll!!!

  • RZ

    I’d say yes…as long as they can work out the money situation. Let’s do this!

  • arnie

    Yeah see you had me right up until you said $5.75 million? I’m all for improving the defense, but not for “one player” that is a 28 year CB the Chargers can’t afford. The Chargers have some good prospects in Charger park, and I’d like to see what they bring to the table, for years to come, instead of maybe one or two seasons.
    I like him, to sit in FA for a while, like Freeney did and maybe be available at an affordable price, if injuries show up, or things don’t work out roster wise. Besides, what happened to the last FA CB the Chargers signed, with high hopes? CoughCOXcough ….

    • Nick in PB

      I was kind of thinking the same thing Arnie. I like what we are developing. If Flowers is available and we have a need due to injure, then I think it would be far more reasonable to make a play for him.

  • jamfed

    Think about the Chiefs 2011 season, when Brandon Carr and Brandon Flowers were the starting CB’s. Both were awesome and Flowers was better than Carr (hence Dallas signed Carr). Flowers was good in 2012 as well. In 2013, Chiefs get a new coaching staff and change secondary schemes, which doesn’t suit Flowers strengths.

    If the Chargers did sign Flowers, which would be great, he’s be better than Wright, who is also a free agent next season. But the problem is that the Chargers signed Ghee, drafted Verrett, and Steve Williams returning from injury. That’s three new CB’s on the team already. Plus, Gilchrist can play CB too. The Chargers really don’t need another CB (but he would be an upgrade and can start day one).

  • Augie Baza

    If you were to look at the measurables between Flowers and almost every CB we already have competing to start or a back up job. You will realize that the competions will be fierce. Every single CB except maybe one or two UDFA had a better combine or a proday better than Flowers. Yes Flowers has the experiance. The only way Flowers should end up on the Chargers team is if a couple CBs go out for the season due to injury,
    and he is willing to play at a bargain price after he has been sitting and no team picks him up. The CB position is actually a very nice group this year. GO to and compare every single player’s measurables. We have the shortest but fastest most exlosive CBs in the whole league.

  • Parker Richardson

    I think Shareece Wright and Steve Williams are going to surprise going a lot of people this season. Wright stepped up against number one receivers (he shut down AJ Green in the playoff game). I expect Verrett to have a slow start because of the injury, but one he is up to speed three solid corners will create a formidable secondary especially with a freed up Weddle and an improved pass rush. Flowers is going to be pricey and we’ll need that cap space for the key players we have to resign next season.

  • Edward Sherman

    gotta wonder why they let a great one walk. sure ok money blah blah.

  • Marcel West-Bailey

    The Chargers are hosting Brandon Flowers for a visit. Who’s excited?!

    • Ernie Padaon

      you know I am