Steve Williams working a lot with San Diego Chargers first team

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Aug 8, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; Seattle Seahawks receiver Brett Swain (16) has a pass broken up by San Diego Chargers cornerback Steve Williams (27) in the end zone during the first half at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

During San Diego Chargers OTAs this offseason, CB Steve Williams has been getting a lot of action with the first team and has been impressive during those opportunities. Here is a little update from Acee on his latest chat session:

CB Steve Williams, who was having a good training camp last year before tearing his pectoral muscle in the second preseason game and mssing the season, has been getting a lot of work with the first team and looks good. – Kevin Acee

I love that Williams is getting reps with the first team defense. He is pushing his way for more playing time and could be pushing for a starting role with the team.

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  • blackroseMD1

    I’d love to see Williams come in and knock Marshall down a couple spots.

    • Ernie Padaon

      i would love it too.. .just would be happy to see someone playing well in the secondary for a change.

      • blackroseMD1

        Same here. I’d like to see both Williams and Verrett live up to their potential. If they do, we’re pretty set at starters with Addae and Weddle at Safety and Gilchrist at Nickel.

        • Ernie Padaon

          i would think that either williams or verrett will fall to that nickel role. Wright likely will be a starter. I think he is a bit underrated and think he will be solid at the one starting spot.

          • blackroseMD1

            Yeah, Williams would probably be Nickel. I see Verrett as a #1 or 2 starter despite the knock on his size. The real battle, I think, is Gilly and Addae at Safety.

          • Bolthead17

            I think Williams has what it takes to man a starting spot, honestly I expect both him a Verrett to be starting before season’s end

          • Bolthead17


          • CALiFORNiAkiD

            thanks for the laugh

          • Bolthead17

            We’ll revisit this in the future

  • Sergio Quintero

    If they can get Wright, Verrett & Williams on the field at the same time is the best combination of talent, so seeing Williams playing extensively outside can only help.

    Off topic, I actually got to see 2 complete games with Williams, the Cal Bears youtube page has their matchups with UCLA & Washington State from 2012. Both Williams & Keenan Allen have really good games in both. Actually the UCLA game is hard to define in terms of Williams, I watched intently and they threw to his man twice the entire game, completing one pass for 5 yards.

  • Bolty

    Charger speed DBs: Williams, Verrett, Gilcrest in that order. I agree that we should have Wright, Verrett and Williams on the field. I’m totally curious about how much Ghee will push for playing time vs. either Wright or Verrett. With all of this said, can we not always play 7+ yards off of every receiver?!? If we do, I suspect Williams and Verrett are fleet of foot enough to recognize, recover, and make the play. I’m just looking for the Chargers defense to get off the field more often than we have in years.

  • MachoMenos

    I can see our secondary improving in much the way our O-line improved last year. Before the season began Telesco got Rinehart, Ohrnberger and Dunlap in FA and DJ Flucker in the draft. People wrote us off almost immediately. So what happened? Ohrnberger proved to be a great backup, helping us at various positions. Rinehart, while not great, proved a much better starter than we could have hoped for. Dunlap was a revelation. While more than serviceable in pass pro, he was a total beast in the run game. Pro Football Focus raved week after week after week about his performances. And of course, the rookie none of us wanted BLEW UP! DJ Flucker was a stroke of genius on Telesco’s part. A natural leader and the highest rated o-lineman taken in the first round. But we all knew he was special when he pile drove that helpless raider into the ground. Amazing! Of course, it could have been even better if we had gotten rid of Clary and kept Vasquez but no use crying over spilled milk.

    I think we are set up perfectly to do the same this year. Ghee could be something special if he can only stay healthy. Steve Williams was blowing up in training camp last year and, if memory serves, broke up a pass in the SEA game before being injured. I remember Eric Weddle saying he thought we would really miss Williams because he brought something to the Bolts that we didn’t have-speed. Well, it looks like he is doing well again this year. Again, health is the key. While Shareece Wright had some bumpy games last year, he improved greatly by the end of the year. Now let’s get to our #1 draft pick, Jason Verrett. Everyone said it-the best CB in the 2014 draft, pound for pound. Of course, people are again counting him, and our Chargers out, because he is not a Richard Sherman clone. And? If you look at PFF, they have had 3-4 CB’s who are 5′ 10″ or under in their top ten the last 5 years. This young man is a baller and a fast one at that. We’ve even heard good thing about UDFA Chris Davis, too. I may be wrong but I think Richard Marshall may be the odd man out. Competition is going to be intense.

    Even our rock, Eric Weddle, had a very bad start last year. He was like a chicken running around without it’s head on straight. Gilchrist, Addae and Stuckey provided no help whatsoever. But then something funny happened. While Gilchrist started to play better, it was Addae who started to improve almost weekly. I may be wrong but I believe he started to take the majority of the snaps at the end of the year. Add to those two a healthy Brandon Taylor, special teams star Darrell Stuckey and surprising UDFA Alden Darby and guess what? Even more competition.

    Add to that just a little bit of pass rush and our secondary gets my vote to most improved part of our team.
    Bolt Up.

    • MachoMenos

      And we are already better by not having Derek Cox and Johnny patrick.

    • NateLew

      Add just a little pass rush? To last year? Our best edge rushers last year were; #1…Thomas Keiser – 4.5 sacks #2 Jarrett Johnson – 3 sacks (known for setting the edge vs run, not pass rusher) #3 Reggie Walker – 3 sacks (played OLB for the first time in his career). If Liuget and Reyes weren’t getting pressure last year our defense was essentially toast. I don’t know if the LOB could be a top 5 secondary with Keiser and Johnson or freaking Tourek Williams ‘getting after’ the QB for half the season. 8 Freaking games we played with not one legitimate pass rusher for offenses to account for. With Dwight, Melvin and Jerry and forcing early and inaccurate throws, Reece and Verrett could stack up those INT totals.

      • MachoMenos

        Agree. People love the SEA secondary but somehow lose sight that it is helped out mightily by that pressure the SEA D-line places on the QB. Can’t wait for the season to start.

  • powderBLUE801

    I’m so excited I want to punch a Denver donkie fan in the face. Boom

  • Calman21

    Damn if Verret and Williams are both 1st team we are going to have some short CBs….I hope they can jump. But in all seriousness if they play better I will take it.

    • Marcel West-Bailey

      Think about it like this. Like you said we’ll have some pretty short DB’s but we’ll probably also have the fastest. Jump balls may not be our thing (not saying they won’t because both Verrett and Williams are very athletic) but we won’t be getting burned all that often which at least puts them in a position to make a play on the ball.

      • Calman21

        Oh I am not complaining, as I said as long as they are better I am good.

    • Ernie Padaon

      the jump balls is not the thing that scares me the most about small corners… it is the idea of them having to tackle big and strong receivers or getting blocked by the big wide receivers on screens and the running game.


    Williams is a 5th rounder who has no experience.
    It’s not even training camp it’s OTA’s for god sake.

    Some guys on here have him ahead of Shareece Wright already.
    Who held both AJ Green and D. Thomas to 80 yards combined in the playoffs.

    • Bolthead17

      Wright is good, nobody is knocking his game. We’re just being optimistic about the future of our franchise bro, these young guns are fast and athletic and in all seriousness they both will be competing for the starting spots.

      • CALiFORNiAkiD

        “honestly I expect both him and Verrett to be starting before season’s end”

        In all seriousness, I can’t take you serious.

        I bet if he makes an INT during training camp you’d expect Pro Bowls lol

        • Bolthead17

          And I’m guessing that your some kind of super fan whose opinion is somehow worth a hill of beans just because it differs from that of anyone else’s? Your opinion can be taken with a grain of salt just like anyone else’s on this site. Typical asshole that knows it all but somehow doesn’t have anymore credentials than the rest of us.

  • FitzWilly

    Steve Willy Williams is my new Fozzy
    love this kid
    gonna have a break out season

  • Tyreece Kaete Sr.

    well without a doubt sharese Wright and Jason Verrett are going to be starting