Manti Te’o has beefed up in the weight room

Manti Te’o has been working on the side field during OTAs because of his recovery from foot surgery, but he has impressed some of his teammates with his work in the weight room in the offseason. Here are Eric Weddle‘s comments on the work that he has put in:

“He’s a monster; look at how big he is now,” Weddle said, according to Tom Krasovic.

I think the offseason will be a huge gain for Manti Te’o. He was able to focus in on football this offseason and didn’t have the distraction of the catfish incident on his back and he is not green coming out of college anymore. He had a whole season of experience in the NFL and knows what it will take to make it in the league and he has had the time to prep for it.

It sounds like Te’o has put in the work in the weight room. It sounds like he is getting prepped to take on more blockers and getting ready to make some bigger hits. 100% football for the kid.

One of the things that we knew about Manti when he was coming out of college was that he would put in the work to succeed in this league. He might not have the athletic ability or speed as the other players around, but he has the work ethic to make himself a great player. He will spend the time in the film room in order to get an edge. He loves the game and will do whatever it takes to make himself the best player that he can be. I think he is going to have a great season this year.

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  • Scott Lee Miller

    I’ve always been a fan of Manti and this piece is right on about how Manti will be successful I feel our defense is going to be very improved from last year. How sweet would it be for us long suffering Bolt fans to get a championship and a new stadium to cement the bolts in S.D. Where we belong…,

    • Brett M

      Can’t like this comment enough!! Well said

    • surge619

      I agree with you on that one manti is gona be a a stud I really feel were on our way and well definitely be there in a sb and take it with our new regime..we have our best bet with them ….BOLT UP !!!!

    • Nick619chargers4life

      Couldn’t agree more . I can’t wait to see our D take a monster step this season . It’s going to be fun to watch !

  • Julien Bélair

    BEAST love this guys and love this pick from a year ago

  • Peter Thompson

    Really excited to see him play this season! He needed to beef up, and that’s what he did. A little bit more work on his technique, a healthy foot, and we are in business!!!!

  • 21serg

    If they moved to LA would yall really be that mad ?

    • veazy

      This is a stupid question.

    • RZ

      You mean as mad as you are when people slap you around and take your lunch money? Maybe not…but I’d be pretty upset about it.

    • Ernie Padaon

      yes… i would be pretty upset… but still would be a fan of the team

    • Nick619chargers4life

      I shouldn’t even comment, so all I am going to say is …..
      It’s not gonna happen .

    • Steven White

      About as mad as you got when you caught your wife cheating

    • Captain Kush

      I live in LA so I would be happy!

      • Nick in PB

        I would HATE to see that happen. Even worse, it would leave us a one horse town with the Padres. I wish the Chargers could’ve gotten a new stadium before the Padres did. The Chargers are still the big ticket in this town, even though they let Norv and AJ run this team into the ground. Last year, under the new regime, fans took somewhat of a wait and see approach. Charger fans should be much more committed this season.

  • Louie Cañedo

    Hopefully the size increase doesn’t hurt his speed. His position requires a lot of closing speed and quickness

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    I thought he missed tackles in college because of his size, he was thick but not really muscular. This is great news that he actually addressed that and has beefed up, that is freakin awesome. Any pics?

  • Mark Viguri

    People wrote Te’o off after Bama ran over him in the national championship game and for having just an ok rookie year but we didn’t know the dude played the entire season with a broken foot. Along with Butler a healthy Te’o gives the Chargers one of the best ILB cores in the NFL. With all the other talented players the Chargers have on defense to scheme for I think Te’o is going to have a big year.

  • Sergio Quintero

    Manti dropped about 20 lbs from junior to senior season, while he looked quicker he clearly seemed to lose strength, and his tackle numbers dropped from over 130 as a junior to the 100 range his senior season, he clearly needs to regain that level of strength to play at this level.

    Its the chargers job to design his workouts to gain strength while keeping speed.

  • Jason president

    Te’o is goin to be a beast. He showed us the talent is college. He posted 61 tackles last year after missing I think like 4 games and offseason. Plus he has the drive to be great. Look for him to have a incredible year and many more to come. To be honest this whole young charger D might be turning the corner of becoming a great D. Last year we did pretty solid job at stopping the run but we had no passrushers and a bad corner. TT has done an awsome job with this team in such a short time. Hats off to him! This guy knows his stuff when it comes to being a GM. Thank God we let go of “Lord of no rings”.

  • Jason president

    Our secondary this year is looking to be impressive if they stay healthy. Ghee and Stevie Williams have great talent and speed. Addae and wright are improving to solid play making backs. While weddle and verrett will continue to be the playmakers they are. Add a top notch passrush and Mr Peyton will have a whole lot of problems to deal with. Big game choker Peyton.

  • Marcel West-Bailey

    I want to see him in training camp first. I don’t want to get my hopes up thinking this guy is going to be a monster and with all that extra bulk he ends up slowing himself down. I want to see him play first.