Sep 9, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews (24) celebrates with quarterback Philip Rivers (17) after a touchdown during the first half against the Houston Texans at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Will Philip Rivers have his best season as a pro?

Nick Hardwick is ready to see Philip Rivers‘s best season in the NFL. He has been on the radio shows telling people that this will be Rivers’s best performance yet and this is the reason in which he wants to come back to the field. Can Rivers step up to the plate and put together a monster season.

Last year was Philip’s first run with the new offensive scheme and he was able to pick it up quickly and move the offense up and down the field. Now he has a whole season under his belt and has Frank Reich to help him pick up the pace. The offense likely will see more no-huddle and will allow Rivers to use all that knowledge that he has. He will get to pick on the defenses more and has the weapons on the field to beat teams.

When Philip is on his game, he can use any players on the field and still move the ball down the field. Remember when he was using Patrick Crayton and Kelley Washington as his receivers to move the team down the field to score touchdowns? Philip has that ability. He has that talent.

He doesn’t need superstars, but the offense has the weapons around him that he can use. He still has Antonio Gates, even though he may have lost a half step, but he still is dangerous. Keenan Allen is a rising star in the league. Malcom Floyd has always been a consistent performer and he looked like he was sparked by the new offense last season. He has Danny Woodhead to dump the ball off to in the backfield. He has a young tight end in Ladarius Green that can beat linebackers down the field. He has the weapons.

Hardwick believes that Philip will have his best season ever. I don’t see why he wouldn’t be able to put that together. I don’t see why he wouldn’t be able to make that happen. The talent is there. The coaching is there. Time for Philip to play out of his mind.

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  • Stefanie Smith

    That is what a good QB can do–make something out of even an average player. He doesn’t need superstars to make plays, but he has them. Brady is like that, even more so than Peyton Manning. Brady takes any WR or TE they have and finds a way to make a play.

    Yeah, Rivers can do it as long as the play calling does not restrict him or stop him from doing what he is good at.

  • Gabe Sun

    Will there be more play action this year? What are your thoughts?

    • Ernie Padaon

      i am hoping that they do. they didn’t do much of it last season. It could help with the deep ball a little,

  • Tazzster

    If Rivers has 350+ completions, 4500+ yards, 65+ completion percentage and 30+ touchdowns that would be a great year… and an average year for Phillip … and a year that most GMs would love to have on their team.

    I don’t think the numbers is what will make Phillips year the best, it will be if he can guide the team deep into the playoffs… and maybe even the superbowl.

    Ernie, you have convinced me, while I am in Vegas this weekend I am going to drop some dough on the Bolts to win the big game.

  • Marcel West-Bailey

    I doubt it. A pretty good season? Probably. But his best? I don’t think so. He’s facing some of the best defenses this year so I’m not counting on it.

    • diomar espinal

      We agree on something for once lol i dont see it either wishful thinking says he will but realistically we are playing the top defensive division in football and our division also stepped up its defensive units like the broncos and raiders. i think phil will be solid but deff not his best effort.

    • Diegoblue

      I always count on it .. Why not… I never think were’re gonna lose until it happens..

  • truthbetold

    I doubt anything will be much different. Nice numbers, but unable to succeed in the postseason

  • OP Bolt

    There are only two things left on the table for PR to have his “best” season – winning the Conference Championship and winning the Super Bowl. Everything else is just statistics. This is going to be a really tough season against really good teams (10 of 16 against NFC West and AFC West). But, you know, Denver and KC also have to play that schedule. The keys are the ability to overcome injuries and losses, good game planning, players making the plays they need to make (blocking, tackling, catching), a defense that is at least above average (15 of 16) in all categories, and giving PR opportunities to win each game.

  • Robert Fairbanks

    Stats don’t mean much if you crap out in the playoffs. Look at Russell Wilson’s entire 2013 season stats and then the end results; I would trade an average QB performance for that Lombardi Trophy. For the Chargers the 2014 season will be tough with the “D” still not up to the level of favorable playoff contention.

    • veazy

      Don’t you mean you would rather have the Seahawks’ defense?

      • Robert Fairbanks

        Yes, any defense that gets us to the big show.

  • arnie

    Mike McCoy said last season, with a straight face “…Rivers will have be 70% passer…” the reporters chuckled. Then he was. I said McCoy could get the Chargers 3 more wins, than they had in ’12, and a wildcard spot. 9-7 and a playoff win. This was a team that wasn’t even supposed to get 6 wins, some predicted 3-13. If I had dime for every time someone thought this was me being “optimistic” or “un-realistic”, i’d be having lunch, with the Spanos’, on the French Riviera.

    When. Will. We. Learn?

    Rivers has consistently passed for over +3 to 4,000 yards a season, an thrown about 28 TD’s a season. I wish I could say RIvers is the one that failed to deliver. The facts, stats and simple truth is the people “around him” have been “inconsistent”. And i’m not just talking about the players. From the front office to the practice squad, from year to year things have gone up an down, Rivers has been the constant.
    The truth? The Chargers overachieved, with less talent. Now that they’ve brought in more talent, to build on the talent from last season, it’s time to doubt them because the opponents look scary on paper? Realistically I have them at 10-6 again, simple because of the schedule, and back in the playoffs.

    Rivers isn’t going to have a great season, because he’s “Phillip rivers”, it’s because the people around him are better. Better players, better “coaching staff”, better “management”, better “trainers”, better doctors, better “scouting”. These are the reasons a “Franchise QB” is going to be great.

    If you don’t believe Rivers will have his best season as a pro? Then you’re probably not seeing things in “context”.

    • Stefanie Smith

      Well said, arnie. Particularly about the inconsistent play around Rivers.

      • arnie

        Thanks Stefanie, it just bothers me sometimes when people doubt Rivers abilities. Everyone is entitled to there opinion and I respect that. If we are to have a reasonably intelligent discussion, let’s make sure we look at as many facts as humanly possible, in context.
        We can blame Rivers for the turnovers, because he was trying to force things. The question in my mind becomes, ” why was he trying to force things?” When I ask those things, other “issues” tend to show up, that we didn’t notice before.

  • NateLew

    Unfortunately this is a little too dependant on how many games King Dunlap is healthy for. If were fortunate that the line doesnt have to play musical chairs all season I can realistically see him building on his career best completion percentage. Going to be really interesting to see what PR’s INT total is this year after facing Cro and Peterson Week 1, LOB Week 2, as well as Revis in New England and Talib twice.

    • NateLew

      Shortly after righting down those toughest secondaries I don’t even feel worried. God I wish Philip could play another decade for us…