Sep 15, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; San Diego Chargers wide receiver Malcom Floyd (80) carries the ball during the second quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. The Chargers defeated the Eagles 33-30. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Malcom Floyd will play in 2014 season

Malcom Floyd will play again this coming season, per Michael Gehlken. His status was up in the air, but it looks like he will be that threat that we were looking for opposite of Keenan Allen in the coming season. Floyd will be part of the depth chart and will be making plays on offense once again.

Great news for the Chargers and for the offense. Floyd was on pace to have an excellent season before he went down with the scary injury. He will have to make that same type of impact again this season.

There were questions on if Floyd would be at more of a risk after that injury, but the doctors have cleared him of any risk and said that he has the same risk of injury as anyone else at the position:

“The doc said … I’m at risk just like anybody else,” Floyd said Monday. “There’s not really a worry. … I’m feeling good. I think I feel like my old self.”

Philip Rivers and Floyd have always had great chemistry on the field. It is the same great chemistry that Antonio Gates and Rivers have had. The same great chemistry that Keenan Allen and Rivers are building on.

With Floyd back on the field for the 2014 season, Allen will have another threat on the field and the team will be more rounded on offense. We can see the reason why Tom Telesco went in a different direction at the position.

Floyd has a couple more seasons left on his contract and he plans to play those 2 seasons out and then finally hang it up.

With an offense of Malcom Floyd, Keenan Allen, Antonio Gates, Ladarius Green and Eddie Royal catching passes from Philip Rivers, we can expect great things. We also have a great group of running backs on the roster as well. This offense will be moving the ball down the field.

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  • vct

    Very great news.

  • Guest

    Prayers for Floyd, love M80. Hopefully he can continue to be a productive as in the past!

  • Guest

    Prayers for Floyd, love M80. Hopefully he can continue to be a productive as in the past!!!

    • blu3ny3llow

      Too bad he won’t be able to do that anymore…The dunk I mean

      • Peter Thompson

        He said he is working on a new endzone celebration, and joked that he had to clear it with the officials first.. lol.

      • Rob Lambeth

        THRILLED the goalpost dunk is gone. Weak and TIRED.

      • Stefanie Smith

        He said he was going to do it still without touching the metal part of the goal post. He’ll come up with something. Wouldn’t want anyone thinking it was weak and tired. (rolling eyes)…

  • tubbs45

    M80 we got your back kid. I’ll be praying every time you come across the middle for your health and safety…

    • Marcel West-Bailey

      He won’t be doing that anymore

      • Stefanie Smith

        He already said he is doing it but won’t actually touch the goal post. lol Jimmy Graham is still going to do it also–just not touch the metal part

        • Marcel West-Bailey

          Can we afford to have the penalties? lol really? If he does and it hurts the team that’s just selfish. But they can’t dunk or get close to dunking at all. NFL says “you can’t use the ball or goalpost as a prop for celebrations”

          • Stefanie Smith

            The NFL already said they can’t touch the goal post. Think about it. They aren’t going to really do anything. If it is problematic, then Malcom and Jimmy and anyone else will think of something else. Nothing to worry about.

            It’s likely I got it wrong. Malcom Floyd is anything but selfish. I am sure he would do nothing to harm the team or get penalties.

  • Harry Philpot


  • Peter Thompson

    There was never a doubt in my mind.. he’s a baller! Malcom is going to blow your minds this season, watch.. he was already blowing it before he got hurt. Keenan & Floyd are gonna make Sundays a thing of beauty, come September. Watch, this will push V-Brown too. Our wide receiving corp is going to be lethal!!!!

    • Peter Thompson

      “Ain’t goin out like that” by Cypress Hill is playing in my head right… so happy for M80, and his family!!!! BOLT UP!!!!!!

    • Sergio Quintero

      I had a feeling he was playing when the chargers basically punted on a taking a WR in the draft, but to get the confirmation is great to hear.

      Floyd as the no.2 WR, and actually getting some easy short catches that the Norv offense never gave him, if he can play 14 games 1,000+ yards in 2014.

      • arnie

        I got that impression as well. They still have two more drafts to address the WR position, and they’ve acquired some young talent this year.

        • Peter Thompson

          Plus.. you gotta stagger those WR contracts, because TT is so good at picking them. Eventually, he’s gotta pay these guys out, so they’ll stay. Preferably, you have a couple years between big paydays, right? Also, it’s a good way to keep young talent cycling through the system.

          • arnie

            True. But i’m not so concerned about it. The big thing, the Chargers will be out from under gaither meachum cap hit in ’15. TT has shown how to deal with “contract years” by brining in DB an Grice.

      • Jimbojangles

        Watched the draft just like every enthused Charger and NFL fan. Every time the the Chargers passed on a quality WR, I couldn’t help but think the Chargers knew something we didn’t know. They must have felt comfortable knowing that Floyd was making major improvements in his health. Sure, it would have been nice to draft a sure fire weapon for the future, but I feel we addressed more critical needs with this year’s draft. Plus, we got a late round threat in Tevin Reese. If all goes according to plan, Reese should open up defenses with his deep threat ability.

        • Peter Thompson

          I know Reese is little, and kind of one dimensional.. but, I bet Rivers will use him properly, and make defenses pay!!!

    • Stefanie Smith

      Exactly Pete. We have a ton of good players on the offense causing people a whole lot of problems.

    • Julien Bélair

      Royal will easily beat the third or fourth Db who will be covering him also


    I still remember that Philly game like it was yesterday.
    Floyd was killing, he had 100 yards by halftime.

    If we get that M80 back….WATCH OUT!!!

  • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

    Great News!
    Now can we get #17 to stop throwing M80 passes that leave him high and dry??

    • Julien Bélair

      nop sry :P

  • Marcel West-Bailey
  • Sergio Quintero

    Floyd basically confirmed if the medical team gave him the OK he was coming back, his injury should have little or no effect on his speed and hands.

    Maybe less In-cut patterns where safeties/linebackers want to blow him up in the future. I said if he returned it would mean one more win, so from a 9-10 win club up to 10-11, and that means playoffs.

    Put me down for 70 catches 1000 yards, 7 td’s for Floyd.

    • Julien Bélair

      Just like that we now have a wayyyy better team and more depth

  • BlueBoltFan

    No guarantee on what he’s gong to look like coming back from such a harrowing injury, but if he looks anything like his old self, it’s huge.

  • Stefanie Smith

    Clapping for Malcom. Our offense, with Malcom, will cause mismatch problems all over the place. If they block one guy, then another guy is free, etc. etc.

    • Julien Bélair

      and Rivers will find them

    • Peter Thompson

      I know the boys at the network won’t admit it, but we are just as dangerous as Denver’s passing attack now. The real question is, who will be our #1 WR… Allen, or Floyd.. I know Floyd said Keenan has crazy Madden tricks, and its the locker room champ.. but, this isn’t a video game.. it’s real life. This could be like Holt and Bruce from the Rams, back in their Superbowl run heyday!!! I’m excited!!!

      • Julien Bélair

        Denver and Seattle are their god

  • Julien Bélair

    wow amazing. I’m very happy for Floyd.

    That what I expected when we didn’t draft a wr early

  • arnie

    So what your saying is, the Chargers executed a plan, fully aware and expecting M80 to return to the lineup? And now that gap between the broncos and Chargers got a little smaller.

    • Peter Thompson

      Precisely. It blows me away that people didn’t think he was returning. When he didn’t need surgery, I knew he was coming back.

      • NativeSanDiegan

        DON’T CLICK LINK ON NEXT POST BY VICTOR. See my comment below Peter’s posts. That Jerk.

  • Victor Shawn

    There was never a doubt in my mind.. he’s a baller! Malcom is going to blow your minds this season, watch.. he was already blowing it before he got hurt. Keenan & Floyd are gonna make Sundays a thing of beauty, come September. Watch, this

    • Peter Thompson

      Ernie.. this guy copied my comment text, and is spamming. Delete comment please.

      • NativeSanDiegan

        DON’T CLICK HIS LINK. SPAM at the very least. I clicked it and now hope no virus or repeating SPAM.

  • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

    Great news to hear! CHARGERS FOOTBALL will be up to the difficult task Infront of them. Defense on BEAST MODE, M80 K13 R11 receiving, Gates Green causing mismatches, O Line holding it down creating holes for the three headed monster, this team just seems more complete than is has been in awhile. I am EXCITED!!!!!!!! BOLT THE WHAH UP!!!!

    • Peter Thompson

      The injuries last season threw it all off… now we have Ingram, Freeney, Steve Williams, and Floyd back. Those were key players, and we just added a bunch more… everything is clicking at the right time.

  • powderBLUE801

    I love it M80 is back baby. And I can’t help but think that TR84 is going to challenge royal for that slot position come mid season.

    • Ernie Padaon

      i would love to see that happen… his speed is unreal. Royal is a solid veteran though that knows how to get open and make things happen

  • fact

    Wish we resigned alexander