San Diego Chargers 7 Round Mock Draft – Chargers Trade Down

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Feb 20, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; San Diego Chargers general manager Tom Telesco speaks during a press conference during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Time for the last mock draft!!!! WOOHOO! Not a bad thing at all… I know I am lying, because I will likely make a mock draft after we make our first round choice.

For this mock draft, I will have the Chargers trading down with the Houston Texans. The Texans will likely try to move up in order to select a quarterback and the Chargers would get their 2nd and 4th round choices.

The 4th round choice is pretty much a 3rd round, since it is the first choice in the 4th round. Here is what this mock looks like now.

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  • davacho

    me likey zumwalt

    • Ernie Padaon

      i do too!!! i think it is because he is a little bit crazy

      • davacho

        well, we’re never gonna survive unless

  • tubbs45

    I think Joel Bitonio is going to be a great NFL player. I would love to have him clearing the running path. Good with Gaines, Richardson and Ellis! But if Van Noy were to still be there at the start of the second, I don’t think the TT will hesitate on grabbing him.

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    I love the idea of getting extra picks in one of the deepest draft’s ever, just makes a ton of sense in every way. This would be really awesome.

    Also the rumor of the Raiders liking Mike Evans over Watkins makes me think they really don’t know what they are doing over there and would love to set their franchise back another year by taking Evans over Watkins, if that is true I no longer care about them improving lol. This is their biggest shot at improving their team in 1 solid draft, starting off with a possible bust over a elite WR is insane.

    • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

      Anybody watch A.J. Mccarren on that special with Gruden? I really think Mccarren is going to the best QB in the draft and no one’s given him any hype or credit for anything, dude is a crazy smart QB, Gruden loves him too. One thing he said to him “Manziel……..guys like this being talked about over you……….Bortles?…………..does hearing things like that make you mad?” lol Great question.

      • SDmarm17

        I love McCarron. I think him and Murray are going to make their teams happy. As long as the Raiders don’t take either of them.

        • Stefanie Smith

          I love Garropolo. Geez, is he handsome.

      • tubbs45

        man pick him up in the 3-4th, as some have mocked. Give him a year or 2 behind a solid starter (i.e. Rivers) and you could really have the best QB of the draft…

        • SDmarm17

          Hell, even if he doesn’t end up being your franchise QB you can use him to get future draft picks. Like the Redskins with Cousins, Green Bay with Matt Flynn (granted this was a fail, but GB won in the end, well GB and Flynn), and I think even the Patriots with Mallett.

  • Rob Base

    Zumwalt is a good pick if Van Noy is not there. Id approve his crazy ass!

  • Sergio Quintero

    Solid mock, I don’t think inside linebacker is huge need in Zumwalt, but he is a solid player, one of the guards would have been tempting there in Dozier, Turner or Thomas.

    Mock drafts for the day:
    Rob Rang Kyller Fuller
    Dane Brugler Bradley Roby
    Mike Mayock Bradley Roby
    Walterfootball Brandin Cooks
    Mel Kiper Stanley Jean-Baptiste
    Eddie Brown Louis Nix
    Michael Gehlken Bradley Roby or Jason Verrett

    The one that jumps is Kiper that one is truly out left field.

    • Nick619chargers4life

      Kiper is left field lol

      • Sergio Quintero

        Never say never, but Jean-Baptiste in the first will cause everybody in the page to groan for lack of value, and getting desperate.

    • Jacob911

      The thing that gets me is why are these stupid anaylists always changing their mind one day this guys top ten next he’s a 3rd rounder I hate all these stupid rumors like since when do the packers need a corner all a bunch of u kno wht whatever lol

    • BlueBoltFan

      Some team is gonna make a move like that. Just not the Chargers (hopefully). If that’s the thinking, I’d rather have Latimer at #25.

  • Cooper

    I doubt they settle for 4th rounder. Holding a QB hostage for a needy team they can get top trade value if not more. I think the best case scenario for the BOLTS would be Cleveland passing on a QB with there 1st pick, 2 of the top 3 QB’s go to non of the top teams that need one. You can start the bidding war for that 3 QB at 25. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that!

  • Sergio Quintero

    Final mock draft:
    1. Jason Verrett CB TCU: Fuller is the easier choice, but he is rising up the boards, and Cincy seems to like Roby a lot. We have heard for months best corner in the draft but undersized, Telesco affection towards production and history drafting small corners tells me he’s the pick

    2. Kyle Van Noy OLB BYU: Flashed serious pass rush potential his junior year, has to refind it in the NFL. Instinct & character are off the charts, has been connected to the chargers for months.

    3. Gabe Jackson OG Mississippi St.: Maybe the best run blocker in the draft, the fact you could pair him with Fluker sounds like a match made in RB heaven.

    4. Josh Huff WR Oregon: Showed vertical ability in Oregon and is a plus threat with the ball in his hands, should help push Safeties off the 8 man boxes seen late in the season.

    5. Zack Kerr NT Delaware: Ideal build for a Nose Tackle, considered to be a true team leader and plus character, production is excellent against lower level competition, shows good discipline in doing his role which is key for an NFL Nose Tackle.

    6. Jalen Saunders KR Oklahoma: Probably is behind only Dri Archer as a returner in this draft, terribly undersized as a WR at under 160 lbs, but return game was a major weakness in 2013.

    7. Josh Mauro DE Stanford: Kendall Reyes career has proven that he is better when playing about half the snaps and concentrating on pass rush downs, by consequence a run defense defensive end is needed to compliment, Mauro fits the role.

    • BlueBoltFan

      Love this draft.

      • Sergio Quintero

        How about you Blue, how does your mock look??

        Thanks for the compliment, I think all the picks are reasonable to a point, went heavy for production.

        • BlueBoltFan

          1. I think Roby has a 50/50 chance of being there at #25. If so, he’s the pick. If he can play to his 2013 potential, the Chargers may have found the next Joe Haden.

          2. KVN is as close to a lock as there is imo, even if Telesco has to trade up to get him. He epitomizes the high motor/character gamer the team covets. And he’s the type of guy that helps give a team its identity.

          3. Brandon Thomas, OG, Clemson. My hetero life partner. I don’t trust him to last to the 4th. I’d redshirt him, then let the league reap the whirlwind.

          4. Josh Huff, WR, Oregon. One of my favorite players in this draft. Very physical with speed to stretch the field. Plays inside and out, returns kicks, and eviscerates zone coverage. Plus, he’s a YAC-beast.

          5. DeAndre Coleman, DT, Cal. Nice physical run-stopper to work into the rotation. Unless that rare guy crosses my path, NT is a position I prefer to address in free agency. Ryan Carrethers would also be in the mix.

          6. Chandler Jones. WR/KR I’m a Fresno State guy. He torched us and made it look pretty as he did. But I’m crossing my fingers Jerick McKinnon is still undrafted. I just think he’ll be gone.

          7.Taylor Hart, DE, Oregon. Underrated guy with starting potential down the road. I’d also consider Zach Fulton if he’s still on the board.

          • Sergio Quintero

            Jones is a much better WR than Saunders, if he return kicks in a similar level I’m all for it, in terms of Roby they might have to jump cincy to get him.

            In terms of Thomas, hetero life partner requires some details if you want to share.

            Hart I like more than Mauro but 5th round, seems more likely than 7th.

          • BlueBoltFan

            “hetero life partner = No funny business, but everything else.

          • Sergio Quintero

            I would feel a whole lot better about Roby than taking a major reach like Jean Baptiste, that Kiper is pushing.

            Your mock is little more optimistic in the players they find, you have a few more players sliding down, I actually prefer yours than mine, lets see how it plays out. But obviously we agree on the positions and the point in the draft they should address them in.

          • BlueBoltFan

            I have no idea about this draft. There’s no “feel.”

            Some positions are overflowing with talent through out the draft. Others are top heavy. Others are pear-shaped. San Fran and Cleveland have a ton of picks, on opposite ends of the win-loss spectrum. Some say teams might jump up into the 1st for a QB others say those teams are going to let the QBs fall . I really have no idea. Should make for fun watching.

  • Nick Lee

    I do love the De’Anthony Thomas pick. He could be our new “Darren Sproles”

    • tubbs45

      Thats the same reason I like the idea of Dri Archer too, though I dont think he will have the ability to bulk up like Thomas…

  • SDmarm17

    If Cleveland still hasn’t picked a QB when we are up. We could probably get more out of Houston >=)

    • boltingindiego

      what cleveland does with their first pick will have a big outcome on the draft. if they select a non qb our pick in the 1st will become more valuable.

      • SDmarm17

        Yea pretty much. I think if someone moves up to Cleveland’s #4 pick we are screwed.

  • Sergio Quintero

    Falcons want to trade up to 4 if Mack passes Jags.


    The life of a 22 year old trucker. On the road on draft day. Thank god for DVR. lol

    Im going with either

    Darqueze Dennard
    Kyle Fuller
    Jason Verrett
    Wild Card – Kelvin Benjamin

    One of these guys will be a charger

  • Sergio Quintero

    A few more mocks:

    Al Fronczak (eastcoastsports) Jason Verrett
    Scott Wright (draftcountdown) Jason Verrett
    Charley Campbell (walterfootball) Calvin Pryor
    NFLtraderumors Jason Verrett
    Daniel Jeremiah ( Jason Verrett

  • Loco Bravo

    You waste a lot of ink mocking what will really happen, and that is you don’t have a clue. The Bolts don’t have a set plan until the draft starts and they cross off the players they would have drafted if in that particular spot.

  • Loco Bravo

    When the Chargers do make their choice they will start the propaganda saying that the choice they made “is just the player they wanted” all along. The Bolts need to sell A LOT of tickets to avert more blackouts this season.