Rumors: Chargers have interest in Kony Ealy

The San Diego Chargers may go with a pass rusher with their first selection if the corner that they are looking is not available. A name that has been rumored is Kony Ealy, per Kevin Acee.

That would definitely be a name that we have not mentioned often. He was expected to be one of the top picks in the draft and has taken a little dip. He would be used as a pass rusher on the outside and could be a part of the line backing corps in the future. He would be a nice mix with Melvin Ingram and the young linebackers in the middle.

Tom Telesco has held a lot of his plans close to the vest. Nothing really should surprise us with what he is going to do. Ealy could be the direction we head. We will see.

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  • RoyalChargers

    I like ealy I’ll be upset because it’s such a different pick from who I think they will pick or who I actually want them to pick.

  • mike yale

    TT has said that he chooses what he believes to be the best player and wont limit himself to draft needs.

  • Eli Rodriguez

    Nooo!!!Take Van Noy.

  • Julien Bélair


  • Charger2139

    He’s so overrated!! Take Van Noy!!

  • Nick619chargers4life

    This could very well be our first official smoke screen for something greater . Way to go Kevin A. Lol

  • Rob Base

    F*** that!!! Van Noy!! Apologize for the language


    good lord no! if the corner we want isnt there, please trade back. this draft’s talent is too good to settle for a pass rusher given our needs.

  • Big White Kahuna

    I’ve been saying for months that it could be either Nix or Ealy. I like it!!

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    He could end up being the Larry English of this draft, I wouldn’t chance it but he is a pretty crazy pass rusher. I’d rather have Van Noy for piece of mind.

  • Derek

    Van noy is a 4-3 lb granted he is a playmaker and will adjust if needed but ealy is another Melvin Ingram. Granted his frame is better for a 4-3 de so is his current skill set but what he brings to the table right off the batt is the ability to defend the run, and rush the passer. Van noy doesn’t have the passrush moves and strength to get off blockers yet. With noy you’re banking on potential ealy brings performance with a lower ceiling.

  • Gunnar Martin

    Meh… can’t see that happening.