Jan 12, 2014; Denver, CO, USA; San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews (24) is tackled by Denver Broncos defensive end Jeremy Mincey (57) in the first quarter during the 2013 AFC divisional playoff football game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego Chargers RB Ryan Mathews’s Role on Offense

Ryan Mathews role with the team is going to remain unchanged from last season according to Tom Telesco. It has been said before, but Telesco had to tell the media again that Mathews is expected to carry the same role as last season despite the addition of Donald Brown.

Donald Brown will be taking over the role that Ronnie Brown had with the team. He will give Ryan a breather from time to time and will get some carries if he gets hot. He will also serve as insurance for Ryan if he were to get injured.

Ryan’s absence in the playoffs played a large role in the loss against the Denver Broncos and the team wanted to add someone else on the roster that could take the load if he were to go down again.

Telesco might be saying that the role will be unchanged, but I will believe it when I see it. You don’t pay a back that type of money to sit back and take 5 carries per game. The team is going to mix it up and pound the rock with their backs. I can’t see it any other way.

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  • Marcel West-Bailey

    Well Telesco didn’t say anything about next year. And I feel like he’s already made his decision about which back he plans on having next year. I keep telling people Telesco’s doing what Sentinel Prime and Megatron did in Dark of the Moon. They tried to bring Cybertron to Earth and he’s trying to bring the Colts to SD.

    • Trey P

      Bro stop it.. Brown will never be a starting RB in the Nfl and I believe that his role wont change. The only difference I see is when we are running real GOOD WE CAN CONTINUE TO RUN REAL GOOD. And if Matthews gets injured..Hes not better or close to Matthews but hes solid!! Nfl network said he averages 8 carries a game. Which he got last year and they said he will get the same here. We are wayyyyy better with Matthews..

      • powderBLUE801

        You can’t say we are way better with Mathews if we have not seen brown run with the rock yet in SD. Brown is a good back and I think he will be even better in SD. You better get used to brown my friend.

        • Trey P

          Yes I can I seen what this offensive does with Matthews.. Donald brown been playing for how long??? He aint all that now

      • Marcel West-Bailey

        I think you’re missing my point. Telesco isn’t taking the team that was already there and building around it. He’s constructing a new team with players he already knows and draftees. That’s why he’s signed multiple Colts. That’s why Shaun Philips isn’t there anymore. Think about it. Brown is set to make 10.5 mil over the next 3 years with 4 mil guaranteed. He is taking over Ronnie Brown’s spot on the roster. Keep in mind Ronnie Brown was the 3rd option. R. Brown played every game and had 45 attempts. Which means he averaged about 3 attempts per game. Now, with bringing in Donald Brown he’s probably going to get more touches than that in a game even though he is theoretically behind Matthews and Woodhead on the depth chart. So think about this. Donald Brown is the highest paid 3rd string running back in the league by several million dollars, he’s the 3rd highest paid RB among 2nd string backs, behind Jonathan Stewart and Fred Jackson who I think could be starters and the 17th highest paid in the league. He’s getting paid like a decent starter, not a backup. For what’s supposed to be a 3rd string back? That’s suspect especially considering that Matthews and Woodhead are going to be free agents at the end of the year. Don’t think that just because Matthews is the better back he’s got job security. Even if he has a great year Brown could quite possibly be the starter next year. It’s a strong possibility that Brown becomes the starter next year.

        • Trey P

          I guess what im basically tryna to say is that would be stupid if telesco does that. We seen brown play enough to know hes not a number one back.. And as long as Matthews is healthy hes up there with the other Rbs. I think this is more of a move to counter the pass rush that The other teams would try and bring.. People think football is changing but its still the same the Seahawks will have that old school defensive team and we willl be that old school running team. And if Matthews balls out hes not leavi.g matter of fact all 3 will be back next year guaranteed Yall tryna get rid of Matthews already smh

          • Marcel West-Bailey

            I’m fairly certain if I’m seeing it the right way, Telesco doesn’t feel the way you do about it being a stupid decision to get rid of Matthews. He took the job from Richardson in Indy and Richardson is a pretty good back. Now I’m not saying Richardson is Matthews but when Brown played he was a solid starting running back. He can be a starter. I’m also not saying that Brown is going to be the starter this year. But next year? There’s no telling what’ll happen. And if you’re bring him in for the pass rush you’re still paying 3.5 million dollars for a blocking running back. If that was really the case they’d put David Johnson at fullback and have him block for Rivers. I’m not sure if what we used to do and what we do now are relevant considering we’ve changed both the OC, HC, and GM but whatever. If Matthews balls out then good for him and I hope we sign him to another deal but there is little loyalty in the NFL. There’s no guarantee Telesco offers to pay him what he thinks he’s worth but if another team comes knocking and Matthews’s agent thinks it’s a good deal he’s gone. Sure TT will throw a number at him but don’t think he’s going to fight to keep this guy when he got to handpick a running back of his choice to join the team. None of us WANT him gone (no one could say that a few years ago) but it isn’t wise to be naive and think that he can’t be lost.

          • Trey P

            Not to block… Running the ball slows down a pass rush

        • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

          If RM24 isn’t the guy, they’ll end up getting his replacement in FA or 2015 draft…

  • Tazzster

    Its all about competition… Step up or somebody else will.

    • Trey P

      Step up?? Whos not stepping up lol clearly Matthews is the best back on the team lol

  • Gunnar Martin

    Last year was so good for RM. I can’t tell you guys how happy it made me watching him get all those 20 carry, 100 yard games in the last half of the season. That dude was running with a purpose. His cuts were sharp, his vision was really great, and he found ways to break off big gainers much more often than what we were used to seeing. I was extremely impressed. They better not be lying when they say his role won’t change…

    • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

      Oh the possibilities if Coach D gets more studs on his OL or 2nd year under his coaching and these guys beast out even more this season….

  • RZ

    RM is the guy that will pound that rock down defenses throats..that is what his roll will be.The other backs on the team can’t do it like him.Why would they even try and take that away…they know better.

  • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

    Injuries is what is holding this kid back…even w / Donald Brown, if an injury is gonna happen, it will…
    That’s what really sucks!!! SD has always been plagued w the injury bug… I pray just once they can go on a terror of a season w/o any injuries that hurt them… Regardless of depth…

  • arnie

    Quite simply i see this as “insurance”. TT doesn’t seem to do much without having a back-up plan. This is more about big picture, than conspiracy. The Chargers want to win, NOW, they can’t afford to watch RM24 take their playoff hopes away if he goes down. The truth is DB wasn’t coming over unless the price was right and there are no guarantees RM24 comes back next season. So they might as well pay DB now rather than later.

  • Sergio Quintero

    Same role for Mathews, they may want to trim down his carries to 15-20 per game and no more to secure his health for later in the season, and unlike Ronnie Brown have Donald Brown more at around 6-10 carries per game.

    In terms of the future I’ll tell Mathews if you produce you will find money either here or somewhere, they have a lot of cap space, will they want to spend on 3 backs?, long time to wait, hopefully they do.

  • supersurge619

    Oh man I cant wait to see all 3 backs wearing down defences