Which San Diego Chargers Player Will Breakout in 2014?

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2013 was a year of mixed emotions for us Bolt fans. Last season we experienced a lot of different things: good and bad. We saw a slow start to the season, we saw a numerous amount of key players get injured before the season, we slipped into the playoffs, we saw players fail miserably, we saw players shine admirably, and we saw others show tons of potential for the future of this franchise.

Heading into 2014, the Chargers have a lot of young talent that wowed us in 2013 and are looking to carry on that momentum from last season and progress even further in the coming year. I would like to take a moment to show our best candidates on this roster who have the most potential of breaking out as a franchise player in 2014. Here are my guys:

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  • blu3ny3llow

    I’m going to with Cordarro Law applying some much needed pass rush

    • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

      me too, I think he’s going to be a stud and take somebody’s job.

      • Gunnar Martin

        Seems like a guy that can fly under the radar on the practice squad for a while, and then when he’s promoted to fill a spot for an injured guy, he surprises everyone. I think he’ll be a fun one to watch in the preseason.

    • Marcel West-Bailey

      Don’t be so sure he makes the team.

  • Julien Bélair

    and the answer is………. : all of them ! SB here we come !!

    • Diegoblue

      Sounds good to me

  • Daniel Sutter

    Mant Te’o. I think the potential is there. By the end of the season he was starting to come on. With our entire LB group out there we are going to have a very dominate group. When he and Butler finally paired up in the middle things looked much better. Te’o will be a huge part of that dominate group, he just needs to get back to those insticts he had in college.
    Might be able to add VB to that list. Was he still slowed by his ankle injury? He is going to have a chip on his shoulder and try to prove ppl wrong about him. I hear a lot of talk about his bad play from everyone including myself, but I also remember the potential before the injury. So is that potential still there? He may wow us, or he may lose his role completely, who knows…
    I think Green is going to take the cake though. I really hope to see MM and Reich use him more as a receiver on the outside similar to what the saints do with JJ. Our offense is going to be a nightmare for opposing defenses…

    • Nick Mansoor

      I think the talent is there for Teo, I really do, but Brown…. It looked like he was still kind injured to me. I wouldn’t say he is a breakout candidate this year, he is sitting in the hot seat in 2014

    • Sergio Quintero

      I sure hope Brown played poorly because of the ankle injury, because its make or break time, if he find the player he was pre ankle injury he might be a star, he didn’t look the same last year.

  • Sergio Quintero

    The chargers need Reyes & Liuget to be stars, part of the low production was Pagano not putting them in the best position to succeed, but that is a lazy excuse, the chargers need inside pressure, in particular when these are playing DT in nickel situations.

    If the chargers open the WR position to competition then Brown very likely will lose his job, be it to Inman or a draft pick. All I want to see is open competition and see the best guy play, Rivers will take care of the rest.

    Nice article, Nick very much agree with your choices, I’m sure hoping they all have big years.

    • Nick Mansoor

      Liuget is really good, I think he had his breakout season a couple years ago when he was considered one of the leagues best DL. Reyes I think is sorting on the hot seat in 2014 and thanks Sergio

    • esco charger

      How do u think liuget and reyes play better on the line ???????????by adding a NT that will occupy blockers so they get more one on one match ups I know I sound like a broken record Sergio but its the truth the only reason we didn’t run a lot of three man fronts is because we had no one talented enough to play the position our best defensive years is when we had Jamal Williams in the middle no one would run on us the chargers was always in the top five against the run year in and year out when Jamal occupied the middle but hey we need corner first round who probably wont make an impact right away and take a year or two to develop for our first round selection right ?????

      • Sergio Quintero

        First off in this passing NFL the base defense is the Nickel defense, that where you have to be elite, 4 man rush (2 DL and 2 OLB’s), 2 ILB + 5 secondary players, that a 60-70% of the plays including 85% of the 3rd downs the money down. I loved Jamal Williams but those days are gone.

        From Acee’s chat, yesterday:

        Comment From AT

        Do you agree that the Chargers would be better off by drafting the best available DT, rather than a CB?

        Kevin Acee: No … Again, I appreciated the Jamal Williams era as much as anyone. But their need at CB is ongoing and dire.

        Remember those 2 guys basically just basically repeat what the chargers tell them, and for quite a while those 2 guys have made it very clear NT is not very likely the pick in the first round.

        There are things that are my opinions and there are things that very probably will happen, for example I think the best player when the chargers draft is going to be a WR, they are not going to take one, they are very likely taking a corner. I would want them to take Cooks, I see them taking the best corner available.

        Modern NFL no accident the top pass defenses in the league are the top 5 scoring defenses, that means being elite on Nickel/Dime defense.

        If you are going to get super dissapointed to the point of angry they don’t take a NT in the first round start getting yourself ready for that eventuality.

        • BoltNative

          “Those days are gone…” I don’t think so. Not when I saw teams last year run all over the Chargers for 5-8 yards every play. Why pass when they know the Chargers can’t stop the run? The Chargers need a Dontari Poe-type. They need a healthy Nix in the middle which would help solidify the WHOLE DL and help the CBs. With Williams back in the mix and another CB drafted combined with the CBs we have now, we should be noticeably better defensively. I’m sick of the Chargers getting gashed up their gooey middle.

          • Sergio Quintero

            You think RB are the only position that getting devalued because the running game is becoming secondary, the fullback, Nose Tackle, the 2 down ILB are losing value.

            Check the mocks in which the chargers don’t take Nix, its not like he gets picked at 27-28, he drops to 40, 47, even high level mocks have him going to the chargers in the 2nd round at pick 57. Kiper most recently had him going 47, Rob Rang 42 (CBS), even this latest one by Bucky Brooks has Nix making it all the way to 57th pick in the 2nd round to the chargers.

            Don’t fall in love with Nix, he sounds like the guy at 6’5 330 lbs, but everything I have and read and watched on draftbreakdown on this guy is that he didn’t play well last year, you want that great NT, he wasn’t that guy last year, many scouts will tell you, he was on the floor too much, bad stamina, overrated. He is not in Star Lotuleilei class, in terms of production and presence as a pass rusher, so its better value to chase your NT somewhere between round 2-5.

            Repeat you can have mediocre run defense, but pass defense is the key to the actual defense, according to the stat heads at Pro football focus, greatest determinant of success in the NFL today and for the future is Pass rating differential, the pass rating your QB has vs. the pass rating allowed to the opponent. Check the top 5 pass defenses last year, they are the top 5 scoring defenses.

            If the chargers take Nix at 25 I will be surprised and apologize, but if not don’t be surprised yourself. Don’t be shocked if big Nix is there at pick 57.

          • arnie

            You have a point, the reality is two of the best DB’s in the league were taken in the 5th rounds. Manning got sacked once in the Superbowl, but he was always pressured to get rid of the ball early four guys. Ingram has shown he can drop into coverage, Butler can pick, even Manti got his finger tips a few. Now what should sound familiar, it’s the exact opposite of what the Chargers were able to do. They had no pressure up front, which forced the DB’s to stay in coverage “longer”. A good 1st round CB, will get burned slightly “less”.
            Now if we’re a talking about the same talking heads that said the Chargers needed to get a LT in last years mock drafts, then it’s not likely at all CB is what they will take. The Chargers have DB’ on the roster, they just lost TWO defensive Tackles, also Freeney and Johnson will likely not be back next season.

          • Sergio Quintero

            99% of the talking heads had them taking an Olineman, there was 5 supposedly elite lineman in last year’s draft, the 3 LT’s (Fisher, Joeckel, Johnson) and the 2 elite guards (Warmarck & Cooper), all 5 were taken by 10, the chargers at 11 took the next Olineman on the list in Fluker, not that complicated, so talking heads were right. Mayock had this exact situation all 5 gone and Fluker going to the chargers the day before the draft in his mock.

            In terms of pass rushers the chargers with almost 100% certainty will take one in one of the first 3 rounds, Barr has been rumored in the first, Attaochu & Van Noy have gotten a lot of hype in the 2nd, in the 3rd they might find Murphy, Crichton or Bradford. I’d be happy with one of those guys to add to the group. After watching Seattle last year, and the Giants upset of the Patriots one lesson is absolute you can never have enough pass rushers.

            In terms of the chargers corners, Marshall is backup/spot starter guy who should be your 4th corner, and Williams will compete for the slot corner, and Wright might be better served being the 2nd corner, they lack a true no.1, there is a definite 5 man bracket of first round corners (Gilbert, Dennard, Fuller, Verrett & Roby) the odds are 1 or 2 should be there at 25.

            These 2 extra weeks is ridiculous lets get this going, in terms of Nose Tackles there are some really excellent small school guys to look at, give a look to Justin Ellis (LaTech), Zack Kerr (Delaware). Both at around 340 lbs, and built low to ground at around 6’2.

  • http://WWW.BEMCC.ORG Steve Diaz

    So what ever happened to Brandon Taylor? I had high hopes for him too.

  • RoyalChargers

    Yea brandin Taylor was a captain for the lsu defense that had morris Claiborne. He was instinctive and quick reminded me of bob sanders.

    • Gunnar Martin

      He’d definitely be a much welcomed boost for the special teams and defense if he is healthy and ready to play. I would love to see some more of BT.

  • Gunnar Martin

    I really hope Reyes shows us some out-of-the-blue production this year. His potential is exciting, but we’re going to have to find a new starter at his position if he doesn’t step it up a notch.

  • SDmarm17

    I would like to add Tutu to that list. Has always had chemistry with Rivers. And has been doing beach workouts with Mathews. I think he’s a good breakout candidate. Would love to see him take that wide open #2 spot next to Keenan. Would be a good replacement to Floyd.

    • Daniel Sutter

      I would love to see that. I have wanted to see Tutu as a starter since 2011. Now is finally his chance. Hope he is training hard and confident after finally getting a contract…

  • RZ

    Defense:Shareece Wright,due to our much improved pass rush. Offense…Dontrelle Inman will be a nice surprise.

    • Gunnar Martin

      Hard for a guy to be a nice surprise when EVERYBODY thinks he’s going to be really good. Right? I feel like us fans have overreacted to Inman’s signing. He could turn out to be something special, but we need to remember that he played in the CFL for a reason.

      • Julien Bélair

        4.70-4.8 40 yard dash…. 6 foot 3 but only 198 pounds…. I don’t expect much

      • RZ

        I haven’t heard too many people talking about him,so it would be a nice surprise for me..

        • Gunnar Martin

          Sorry, it’s just that I have seen a ton of people bring him up like he’s a sure thing that will be capable of starting across from Allen from day one. So I guess I’m really just agreeing with you because it would be a nice surprise if he ends up being a legit contributor to the team.

  • arnie

    The sleeper Brandon Taylor.

    • Daniel Sutter

      Yes but the guy just cant stay healthy. One more injury spell and he’s gone. Similar to Alexander. Talent is there but injuries are killing their careers…

      • arnie

        I get that, but we’re not talking about “injury prone” here. The fact that he has had injuries is the reason i’m looking for him to have break out season.

    • Sergio Quintero

      I like Taylor, I remember him really sticking out as the best player on the field in several pre-season games in which he played the 2nd half.

      NBC did a report that he’s healthy.

      This is 9-7 team that is basically adding: Freeney, Ingram, Taylor, Steve Williams & hopefully Floyd, that is reason for true optimism.

  • Rob Base

    What about Brandon Taylor?

  • Daniel Sutter

    Steve Williams i believe is gonna be a huge addition in the secondary! Watching his college tape the comparison to Brent Grimes is a good one. Hope that translates to the nfl. We shall see.

  • Padraigh Keogh

    What about Larry English? he is gonna be amazing this year… just kidding.