Oct 25, 2013; Provo, UT, USA; Brigham Young Cougars linebacker Kyle Van Noy (3) during an injury time out during the second half against the Boise State Broncos at Lavell Edwards Stadium. Brigham Young won 37-20. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremiah Attaochu or Kyle Van Noy As A San Diego Charger?

Time for another poll on Bolt Beat about the 2014 NFL Draft. Last week, we polled Bolt Beaters about which cornerback they would like to take in the first round. Kyle Fuller won that vote over Jason Verrett and the rest of the corners in the 1st round. This time around we are going to look at a couple of possibilities for outside lineabcker in the 2nd round.

There has been a little bit of debate between a couple of players in that round. The two players that stand out the most in round 2 are Kyle Van Noy and Jeremiah Attaochu. Both would be solid selections for the Chargers in the 2nd round of the draftm but who do the Bolt Beaters believe should be the selection in that round?

Both players are solid and both have a ton of potential. Van Noy is the more polished player at this time while Attaochu shows a high ceiling.

Personally, my vote would go toward Kyle Van Noy. I think he is one of the top linebacker prospects in this draft. He knows where the football is going to be and he has produced in the college game. There have been comparisons on the site of him and Eric Weddle, but at the linebacker position. The comparison is fair. He is a smart football player, but he likely will be able to tackle better.

Which linebacker would you want the Chargers to go after?

Jeremiah Attaochu or Kyle Van Noy?

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  • Julien Bélair

    I think Attaochu is a better pure pass rusher but Van Noy can do a lot more ! He will become a great leader also in the future and help young players like he did with Ansah

    • powderBLUE801

      Yup he can pass rush or he can cover zone or man! He is fast and has a real knack for being around the ball.

      • BlueBoltFan


        My ideal draft would be some combination of Fuller or Verrett in Round 1, and either Van Noy or Attaochu in Round 2. I really like Demarcus Lawrence and even Trent Murphy, but KVN and Attaochu are a cut above, imo.

        If we could add Cody Latimer or Josh Huff to that haul, I’d start calling Telesco the Robber Baron. He’s stealing from fools!

  • Connor ferrante

    I would love if Van Noy is there in the 2nd. He said he would love to play for the chargers, and would compliment well with Ingram for years to come. He is great at run stuffing just like Johnson and if he could learn from him, Van Noy could be someone special. Even though if he is there in the 2nd I would rather have Deone Buchanan. Just saying

  • Charger2139

    I hope and pray we get Van Noy, but if we don’t select him in the first i don’t think he’ll be around by the time it’s our tune to pick in the second!:(

    • Diegoblue

      If we get Van Noy let it be in the 2nd not the 1st.

      • Charger2139

        If we do go for him in the second will need to trade up! I don’t think he’ll be around at 57. But if we do trade up we can’t screw the rest of our draft plan up! I just hope we end up with him!

  • Calman21

    Van Noy…but I seriously doubt he will be there.


    Did anyone watch the Superbowl? Those pass rushers for Seattle were the real winners of the game.

    They had 3 guys who constantly got pressure on Manning.

    With Freeney, Ingram and Attaochu we’d be able to get after anyone.
    Pass rushing is not one of Van Noy’s strengths, he only had 4 sacks lol.

    Give me Jeremiah Attaochu

    • powderBLUE801

      He only had 4 sacks cuz the used him in drop back last year. Look at his stats the year before when he was pass rushing.

      • CALiFORNiAkiD

        They used him to drop back? Why?….Because that’s NOT one of his strengths.

        Coaches aren’t dumb, if your an amazing pass rusher why in the world would they use you to cover. It’s common sense.

        He exploded playing alongside Ezekiel Ansah the #5 overall pick in the draft and came crashing down back to earth with only 4 sacks. Van Noy was never a huge sack guy.

        • powderBLUE801

          It’s obvious that bronco mendenhall is not the best coach but when you have a player with the skill set of van noy you use it to the best of play calling. Yeah he would have had more sacks if he did pass rush more last year but it wasn’t our call it was his coach.

        • powderBLUE801

          And you obviously haven’t watched this kid play for the past 4 years if you think his skill set is only a pass rusher.

          • CALiFORNiAkiD

            Lol…I don’t think you understood what I was trying to say.
            But it’s alright, you like Van Noy and I like Attaochu. We can agree to disagree.

          • powderBLUE801

            I’m not arguing with you cuz I like KVN more I’m just telling you a lil more about the guy that I guess you didn’t know. Either way it’s bolt up all day and we can both agree on that.

        • shane

          you have him drop back b/c that is definitely one of his strengths. and last year he was the only legit rusher byu had, so yeah teams could key on him and double and triple him, so mendy decided to drop him back some more, use him more effectively per the scheme. bottom line he’s a great ALL AROUND player

          • powderBLUE801

            Thank you Shane. You watched some games a take it.

  • powderBLUE801

    Van noy all day!!

  • philiprules

    I took Attaochu because I think there is zero chance Van Noy is there when the Chargers get to pick in round 2 and I don’t think a trade up for him is all that wise.

  • Moke Braddah Boltz

    I wouldn’t mind either one to be honest, both have upside …. Kyle Van Noy is a Chargers fan wants to be there … be nice to have someone that wanted to be in San Diego in the first place. Great Attitude, Athletic, Jeremiah Attaochu – Tons of upside and potential (Larry English had potential) No off the field issues … above all these are intelligent, character guys with a strong work ethic … you just need that in the locker room.

  • Gunnar Martin

    I’d love to have either (both?!) of them, but if I had to choose between the two, KVN wins by a long shot. I loooovvvve the fit. Best case scenario would be if he falls all the way to our second round spot and we don’t even have to trade up to get him. That’s dreaming though. We got to make a move into the top half of the second if we want to land him. I sooo hope it happens.

    • Charger2139

      That’s what I’m saying! We need to trade up in the second, but it also can’t screw up the rest of our picks!:/

      • Gunnar Martin

        Or we could trade back and get more picks? Honestly, I wouldn’t mind either way as long as Van Noy got to be a Charger.

        • Daniel Sutter

          Right there with you Gunnar! See my below comment…

  • RoyalChargers

    I love van noy but marcus smith would be my top target/choice in the second round

    Jeremiah Attaochu has all the potential but not more than van noy marcus smith. He doesn’t have any disengage moves. He can learn and won’t mind us drafting him. But I don’t think he will be as good a pro as van noy or marcus smith.

  • Marcel West-Bailey

    I’m thinking Kyle Van Noy. I like Attaochu a lot as a pure pass rusher. As a pass rusher I think he’s much better than Van Noy. But versatility always wins in the end. I think a more pure pass rusher could come in later rounds or even in next year’s draft.

  • Rob Base

    Van Noy without a doubt!!!!


    It’s no coincidence the Chargers have meet with both players throughout the draft process
    Senior Bowl, Combine, Pro Day, Private Workouts.

    I think it’s safe to assume one of these guys will be a Charger.

    I’m hoping it’s the superior pass rusher Attaochu.

    • Diegoblue

      Same here ..

  • ioane

    What a great position we would be in if had to pick one of these players. It’s a close vote for me, but Van Noy slightly edges out Attaochu for me. He’s just more of a complete player at this point.

  • Daniel Sutter

    Just a thought but what if we could trade our first for an early second and third and do something like this;
    2nd Kyle Van Noy
    2nd-Xavier Su’a-Filo G/Hageman DT
    3rd-Daniel McCullers DT/Dakota Dozier G
    4th-Cody Latimer WR
    …or something similar. That would be crazy nice.

    • Gunnar Martin

      I love it but it would be insane if Su’a-Filo, Hageman, and Latimer all fell to where you have them. Heck even Dozier might not be available in the third with the way his stock has been rising. I would be ecstatic to get even 1/4 of those that I mentioned right.

      • Daniel Sutter

        I agree, but while we are still in dream land they could potentially fall down the boards.

  • Mato

    Van Noy is like a complimentary OLB. His role reminds me of Shaun Phillips. Attaochu would have been a better future prospect if the Chargers could only learn how to develop outside linebackers.

    Van Noy:
    -Plug in Outside Linebacker for three downs.
    -Very good at diagnosing plays and being around the ball causing fumbles.
    -Can run support and has a leadership quality.
    -Not as athletic. Slower. Lower Ceiling.

    -Explosive first step and initial pass rush. Can get to the quarterback quickly.
    -Super high ceiling. Can learn from Dwight Freeney on counter moves and Jarret Johnson on run support.
    -Can be really good through proper coaching.
    -Fails on run support on setting the edge.
    -If initial rush fails, can easily be taken out of the play.
    -Can get stuck with a blocker easily.
    -Over runs plays.

    So we are picking between a good 3-down linebacker(Van Noy) and a great 3rd down linebacker(Attaochu) for their first year. During their 2nd year Van Noy could improve a little while Attaochu could improve to become a dominant OLB. I just feel like Van Noy is already close to his ceiling while Attaochu is boom or bust depending on our coaching staff.

  • Edward Sherman

    well remember 24 was a Bolt fan hope it doesn’t take KVN as long to develop.

  • jcrisp

    Off topic but if pierre desir were in 2nd round and chargers hadnt gotten a corner yet I would go with desir.

  • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

    Crazy to see that Van Noy killed this vote.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

      i guess it is not that crazy

  • buckeye54

    I agree with the previous commenters suggesting a trade down to acquire more picks is the way to go. This draft, more than most, seems to have a great deal of depth with a number of players at positions of need for the Chargers. Sure you have guys like Clowney and Mack at an elite level, but below that there don’t seem to be a lot of players who are significantly better than others. Most “experts” can’t even agree on how to rank the top CB’s. So I think Telesco could parlay the 25th selection into something lower in Round 1 and add a pick or two in later rounds. As far as the poll question either one would be a welcome addition, though I do like Van Noy’s football IQ.

  • Yannycharger

    Jeremiah Attaochu

  • afroamongfew

    The answer is Marcus Smith. More polished pass rusher than Attaochu, still highly capable of dropping into coverage like Van Noy. He may not be as fast as Attaochu or have the run-stopping abilities of Van Noy, but he has the best of both worlds as a pass-rushing threat.

  • arnie

    Which one will help the team win more games? He has my vote.